Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summer Wardrobe Staples

Summer is officially over, sadly. As of Tuesday morning we were officially into fall and let me tell you the weather here is reflecting that. This week we have had super chilly mornings and some windy days that haven't turned quite that warm. Although I absolutely love fall I hate to see summer end and my favorite summer staples hide in the closet until the nice weather returns.

This years summer favorites were actually surprising to me, I am pretty insecure when it comes to my body therefore dressing for summer is really hard for me, and this year was only made worse by the fact that I am quite a bit heavier this year than I ever am. I usually live in summer dresses and capris but this year I added a few other things.

Care to take a look?

Forever 21 is not somewhere I generally shop because its rare that I have one near me to be able to stop in, but when I visit a different mall where one is I always like to pop in and check out what they have. Not to mention a lot of other bloggers are always raving about the wonderful things they find there so I always have high hopes. I tend to stock up on plain white tank tops when I am there because sadly I spill and they are only $1.90!!! Yes you read that right, so why not stock up. I like the fit and then I always have one on hand and don't feel too bad if I accidentally ruin one. Those weren't a staple though, more like a suggestion! This year I was loving their basic v-neck tee's! I generally don't care for t shirts, I know you probably think that's strange but I just never feel comfortable in them, except for these one. They are super comfortable, I love the fit and they are $3.80!! They have a wide array of colors they wash well but I will warn they do shrink a little in the dryer.

You can honestly wear these with anything, they aren't see through like most things you seem to find now a days, I highly recommend adding a few of these to your closet!

This year I was also loving Old Navy's women's twill shorts, I bought a few of these last year and they fit really good and I felt good in them. They had solids as well as different patterns which I liked but mostly I felt good in them. This summer was really warm here and shorts were the way to go, I had a few from last year but got a few more while I was home over the 4th of July as they do not have an Old Navy here (total crap). 

I believe I have them in white, black, tan, a turquoise and white pattern and a blue and white pattern, see what happens when I find something I like. You can purchase them in 3 1/2" length as well as 5" depending on your comfort level or perhaps where you might where them, maybe work. I wore these out this summer honestly and I will definitely be looking for more next year. 

One of the great things about summer is definitely summer dresses, I've always been a little disappointed that I can sport maxi skirts as I am just not the right shape for them and they tend to make things look bigger than they already are. Tanya and I were wandering around Target one day and I came across THIS maxi skirt and liked the pattern so much I decided to try it on, what was the worse thing that could happen right? I was shocked to find I actually really like it, the material is great, the fit is flattering, I really really liked it. So being that it is the only maxi skirt that has ever looked half decent on me and it was under $20.00 I bought it. 

This isn't the exact skirt I bought but you can view that one above, this is the general idea of what it looks like. They have them in solids and patterns, they are all $17.99. The nice thing about a maxi is you can carry it over into the first bit of fall as well and I definitely plan on doing that. 

As I mentioned summer is a time for summer dresses, I swear I look so forward to wearing them. I generally prefer a strapless dress as I am not a huge fan of tan lines so while wandering around in Peru one day I came across this beauty and had to have it. 

Sorry guys for the quality of some of these photos, I am having a hard time finding them on the actual website for the most part. 
Anyways I love this dress, the bottom portion is actually satin making it cool and airy for those hot summer days. The smallest part of my core is just under my chest and therefore this dress hit me at the perfect spot for my body type making me look smaller than I am which is always a plus. I cant find this exact dress on the Roxy website but they have options HERE in an array of colors! I honestly wish I would have looked more in the States because I probably would have purchased another one in a different color, but at the time I kind of thought Peru was behind in the times and they were most likely last years stuff or something, my bad I guess. 

I have a lot of Roxy summer dresses and have over the years, all different shapes and lengths and I truly love them all. Roxy is reasonably priced and things from there last forever. I am sure they will soon be doing their end of the season sales so keep an eye on it. 

The Gap is also one of my favorite stores for all seasons, again they sadly don't have one here close to us but while we were still at home I decided I needed some jean capris. I really like the Gap jeans and so I knew the quality and fit of the capris would be great and I was right! I purchased THESE from their 1969 line and I couldn't love them anymore! 

Mine were a little different in color/ wash but none the less very similar. I purchased a different style and color from there as well and wore them pretty much all summer. A good pair of capris should be a staple in everyone's summer wardrobe and if these babies go on sale at the end of the summer I definitely plan to purchase a few more! 

Last but not least another summer staple for me was loose fitting tanks! Again I really wasn't happy with my size this year and therefore I was in the market for loose fitting tanks to wear with shorts or whatever else. You could literally find them everywhere this year which was fantastic, Target, Forever 21, H&M, Gap.. etc. They are so reasonably priced and for the most part good quality so I have no complaints at all. 

These jersey tanks from H&M are great and you can totally carry them through to fall and winter and use them for layering which is exactly what I plan to do. 

So these are a few of my summer staples this year, my wardrobe didn't really require anything fancy as I mostly toured around the city and traveled to and from home. I am hoping fall is going to hold a new job and a reason to buy all new fall clothes, and my birthday is coming and I generally only ask for clothes or gift cards to buy clothes! I cant help it I like new stuff, especially when it comes to clothes!

So tell me what you're loving and wearing right now, I am always interested in finding new fabulous things to wear, especially at a great price!!

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