Friday, September 12, 2014

Back in New Jersey

Well I'm back, I bet you figured that and yes that is in part to the small bout of radio silence around here. Like I said every time I go home and have to come back it seems to get harder and harder, I won't lie I seriously debated missing my flight and just staying, Jason would have loved that.

I kept super busy the morning I left, the pest people came and did their thing, god bless them! I kept busy shutting down the house and what not and then figured because I had nothing in the house to eat I figured I would get to the airport with some time to have something to eat before my long day began. While I was leaving I came across this bad boy in the drive way...

I suppose that spray they use really works because this thing was HUGE and definitely dead!! 

Anyways I made it to the airport and had an EXCELLENT lunch at a new pub they recently added to their restaurant repertoire! Honestly I am not being biased in saying that I truly love the Raleigh airport, they have fantastic restaurants and the most fabulous used book store ever! I generally hate being there because I know that I am leaving but I really enjoy my time there! 

I was not impressed as I boarded my plane in Raleigh because they ended up forcing me to check my carry on suitcase because the plane was full, so I took out my laptop and make up bag (priorities!) and let them have it. I boarded the plane and was on the way to Charlotte. Honestly I dreading catching my connecting flight, the flight there was smooth but I landed at 5:14pm and my next flight was boarding at 5:35pm and although I had never been to the Charlotte airport I knew it was huge. I got off my plane and went running to my next gate... word to the wise do not travel in flip flops, I don't care how hot it is.. just don't do it! I made it with no time to stop at the washroom and by the grace of god there was a coffee stand outside my gate.. literally right beside it!!! I grabbed a coffee, forgot the laptop laying somewhere AGAIN and had to run back for it and then got on the plane last minute! 

The second flight wasn't bad either, I got off the plane and went to baggage claim to get my suitcase and yes somehow I remembered the laptop this time. I had text Jason as I landed and with good timing on our side Jason was pulling up outside of baggage claim as I walked out the door. 

Obviously I was thrilled to see Jason but being back here is hard. The transition from home back to a crappy apartment (in comparison to our house) and getting back into life here is hard. Wednesday there were a lot of tears, I know this is where I have to be but I cant say I am happy about it everyday. I am slowly working my way back into a routine here, and it is what it is. 

Since then I haven't been up to much, as you all know yesterday was the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and I honestly cant believe its been that long. Having lived in New York a few years ago I was very aware of what the feelings would be in the city. I noted yesterday that there was a much higher police presence around and the air was sad but peaceful. The memorial lights were displayed the last two nights and the Empire State Building was lit up red white and blue! 

We are so fortunate to have an amazing view of the city from where we live so last night we decided to head out and take some pictures and being a blogger I couldn't wait to share. The boardwalk was full of people paying their respects, taking in the beauty and taking pictures. It was a sight worth seeing, and I believe it could be seen from up to 60 miles away. 

Sorry for the grainy iPhone pictures. 

This is a day we will never forget, we will always remember where we were, how we heard and we'll never forget how it has changed the world, this nation. To those who died on this day, to their families we must always keep them in our thoughts. This sad day will live on in history forever and so it should. 

I am getting back in the swing of things here and therefore I am going to work on blogging and having posts prepared ahead again so not to miss days! 

Lets hope this weekend of football is a heck of a lot better than last weekend, because I did not do to well with my picks! Sadly last night did start off great, thank you to the Steelers! 

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