Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blog Post Ideas

Good Morning,

A common question most bloggers receive is how do you have enough to say that you manage to write everyday? Truth is I don't write everyday and I don't always have a lot to say, but I love this little place of mine so much and all my readers that I look for things to write about besides our life that will keep y'all interested and wanting to come back and read. Not to mention the fact that part of this blog starting and maintaining it is because I really love to write, a lot.

Its not always easy to feel inspired to write, I have a book I keep dedicated to just blog stuff and when an idea strikes me even if I don't plan on using it at that time I jot it down so I have it for the future. I have found that if I feel inspired to write and have the time to bust out three or four posts at once I do just that and then when I don't feel so much like writing I have something waiting to be published, this has proven to be really successful for me.

As much as I would like to take credit for all the posts that appear here, the content may be mine but the ideas come from an array of places. I appreciate that bloggers share their ideas everyone once in awhile, publishing posts dedicated to giving others inspiration.. its just one of the things I love about this blogsphere.

Naturally one of the best places to look and store ideas is on Pinterest, I have a board strictly dedicated to all things BLOG to which I save bloggers posts with ideas and inspiration, I save font ideas for if I ever do take the plunge and change my blog design, or information for if I choose to change my blog from something that is strictly recreational.

So I have been thinking lately that because I appreciate the sharing  of ideas and just the camaraderie amongst bloggers that I would join in and share some of the ideas I have floating around in my little book of all things blog.

  • Whats in my Bag - Share photos of your purse, the contents and why those items are essential to have with you at all times. For Example:

  • Share a recipe. Step by step, take pictures, share the recipe as is and the changes you make to make the recipe your own. Most importantly have a picture of the final product. 
  • Give a shout out to bloggers you follow and why. How do you choose the bloggers you follow and what makes you continue to follow them? What are the blogs you are most interested in, beauty, lifestyle, food?
  • Where do I write? Share a photo of your home office, your computer and the perfect conditions to inspire greatness. Example: a warm cup of coffee, a great smelling candle. 
  • Vacation Destination Wishlist. 
  • A cause you are passionate about. 
  • Someone who inspires you, in what way and why. 
  • Share something you are good at but may not have always been and how you became an expert. 
  • Your feelings on social media. 
  • Share something you recreated from Pinterest, a DIY. 
  • 5 things you cant live without. 
  • Things you wont hear me say...
  • Confessions
  • Share a new years resolution - do you even believe in them?
  • Top recommendations for things to do where you live. 
  • Letter to your younger self. 
  • Share goals for your life, blog, week. 
  • Favorite beauty finds. 
  • Home decorating ideas
  • Share books your are reading/ have read or want to read. What did you think?
  • Favorite things to do in the current season. 
  • Does your Zodiac sign suit you, how so?
There are a few ideas I have floating around or that you may have seen around here recently. Inspiration can come in the most unexpected places and if you're like me you always have paper and a pen somewhere to make sure you don't forgot. 

Blogging isn't always easy but when something isn't easy you don't give up. Some days I don't post, and that's OK. When I feel inspired like I said I write as much as I can about all the things I can so I have posts waiting. Sometimes I start a post and don't really know where I am going with it so I save it in the drafts and go back to it when I feel clarity on the subject. Writing it a funny thing, embrace it, make it your own, speak your mind!

Also when you are really stuck participate in blog link ups! There are tons of them and not only is it a great way to get your blog name out there and interact with other bloggers but it gives you something to write about! 

I love this place and I love writing, and if there is anything that you would like to see around here please feel free to let me know! I will take all the ideas I can get. 

Hope this is helpful to any bloggers out there looking for inspiration, and for your non-bloggers, my apologies as this is not the most exciting post for you! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I will be back later in the week with a post about mine! 

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