Friday, September 19, 2014

High Five for Friday

Good Afternoon!

Honestly I don't often participate in blog link ups although I do often enjoy reading them. I should do it more because it is a great way to socialize with other bloggers so because of that and I thought yesterday was Friday and didn't plan anything for today I figured why not link up with a bunch of my favorites for High Five for Friday because we are definitely excited for the weekend and share five great things from my crappy week! Ha!!


Tanya and I purchased these Blank Canvas Cosmetics highlight & contour palettes recently and I am in love! Aubrey Kinch recently posted a tutorial using this palette and I was really interested, so I did some research and found that it was actually super cheap! Tanya and I both got one and split the shipping from Ireland (we weren't aware of this fact at first) and it came incredibly quickly! I have used this palette quite a few times and really love it, their website and products are great, you should check it out!


The sunsets this week have been gorgeous, it seems every single night the sky lights up in the most magical way making me anxious to get out after dinner and go for a walk. You can't tell in this picture but I had asked Jason who is pictured to the right to stay back for a minute while I took a picture to which he did the opposite. This is one of maybe 6 pictures I took as he purposely kept jumping in front when I would go to take the picture, we were both killing ourselves laughing and everyone in the parking lot thought we were nuts! It was hilarious!


Like most everyone I am in the market for some new boots and I have looked high and low and honestly haven't been able to find one thing that I like until I came across these! I found them at home in Raleigh and they were on sale but Jason talked me out of it, now I have no choice but to pay full price! Boot weather is creeping in and I for one want to be prepared, plus have I ever mentioned how much I like new stuff?


Wednesday Tanya and I took a walk to an area of Jersey City I have never been, while we were walking I came across this beautiful leaf laying on the ground and it kind of hit me; summer is really over! I love fall, it is my absolute favorite time of the year but I absolutely hate winter and I know fall will fly by as quickly as summer and cold weather and snow will be upon us. There is nothing I can do about that so I am simply going to embrace the fall weather and enjoy every second of it! Bring on the apple cider and pumpkin picking!!


These are the new glasses I am getting. I won't lie the process of getting them has been the biggest pain in the ass but in the end I am getting new glasses and I am really excited about it. I have an eye exam on Monday and then I will be able to order them and they should be here within 7-10 days of that! I was really hoping to get something a little more colorful but truthfully I have a really hard time finding glasses and something that fits my face well. These did not make the top 3 the first 5 times I went looking for glasses but as soon as I put them on my face I knew these were it! I am super excited to get them!

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    I am with you, I too love the fall. Cozy sweaters, pumpkin lattes and beer, cool nights and crisp days. What's not too like ? Ok, so from a man's perspective, I really like your choice of glasses, I like the boots. Christina would love these boots even though she has 12 pairs already.

  2. Hi Steve, You're right there is nothing not to like about fall.. there is just something about that crisp cool air and I couldn't love fall activities anymore! I am actually a little excited for boots and scarves, going upstate for fall activities but I am dreading winter! I have been wearing flip flops since March! I'm glad you like my glasses, I have such a hard time finding glasses that really suit me and I had really high hopes of getting something colorful but it didn't work out that way. This color is really great for my complexion and when I put them on they just felt right, I cant wait to get them on order!! As for the boots Jason doesn't understand a woman's need for more than one pair of boots sadly, I am trying to educate him. Feel free to talk some sense into him.