Tuesday, September 9, 2014

That Dreaded Day...

Well guys that dreaded day has come where I must return to New Jersey. I think every time we come home it gets harder and harder to leave. Jason left Wednesday afternoon to head back and I stayed knowing that there was no way the warranty stuff would be done for me to leave with him, not to mention the fact I will pretty much look for any excuse not to go back there and stay home.

I was really starting to feel better about New Jersey and honestly I have been really good about leaving here every time I have to, I think Jason has been shocked that I don't break down sobbing and he has to throw me over his shoulder and take me to the truck.. funny thing is he isn't here to do that this time so maybe I don't have to go, but reality is its not home and this is where I would rather be. Sometimes I wonder if coming home is a good idea because every time it makes it harder to go back, this time we weren't home 2 days and I was complaining about how crappy all our travel stuff is and how awesome all the stuff in the house is. Jason stands firm on the fact that its awesome to come home every once and awhile and still be able to feel like that because if we lived here all the time we wouldn't, honestly what does he know. In all seriousness I think he's wrong, I think I would appreciate it all the time because I know what its like not to have it. I don't believe I would be so attached to the house and our things here if it wasn't for the fact that I am so use to not having a home or keeping anything, for the most part we are constantly in transition and nothing stays the same and its not always easy.

Anyways Jason left of Wednesday and on and off there were contractors here except for the weekend. I am so grateful that all the interior things are taken care of minus the installation of a new door which will have to wait until we get back next time. Its kind of an odd feeling knowing that we no longer should have to deal with warranty stuff (I may be speaking too soon as we still have some exterior things to take care of), generally every time we come home we are planning to have people in to take care of things, we are going back and forth via email with the warranty rep with all of our complaints, we are stressed and irritated with everything we have to deal with and it never goes smoothly.. next time we come home it will strictly be to enjoy our time here.

Its been rainy since Jason left which has kind of sucked because I have been without a vehicle and let me tell you yesterday the sky opened up and wreaked havoc on the city! It started raining Monday at about 2:00am and it didn't stop until about 5:00am this morning. Last night watching the news said we got 6-9 inches in most areas in less than 24 hours. There were continuous flash flood warnings that still remain in effect, it was absolutely crazy. Michelle and I had lunch yesterday and than went to her daughters swim meet and when we got back going from the drive way to the front door I was SOAKED!!! Good sleeping weather though.

I have the pest guy coming this morning to rid this house and the surrounding of any potential bugs.. because down here they are the size of rats. I had a hard time sleeping last night as Michelle had mentioned yesterday that every time it rains like that they tend to find massive water bugs in their house. I will say that has never happened to us but honestly what the hell is a water bug and if its big I don't want it anywhere that I can see it.

I have a ton of stuff to do before heading to the airport and honestly I truly cant be bothered to do any of it. Some of it requires me walking about in the wet grass which I am none to happy about and the rest is just stuff I am really unsure of and hope I can pull off because with us not being here its pretty important, or at least that's what Jason says. I should probably just stay and watch the house myself to make sure everything is fine, I have a feeling our king size bed will be lonely, and speaking of the come hell or high water when we ditch the travel bed we have no we are getting a king size, I couldn't be more over trying to share a queen size with someone who insists on sleeping in the middle.

Well I best get on my to do list, I don't know why when something feels overwhelming we tend to push it off rather than tackle it and get most of it over with.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!!

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