Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thankfulness Never Ends... But Christmas MUST Begin!

Merry Christmas! Ha.. I'm kidding! Well kind of.. Now that Thanksgiving is officially over I feel like I like everyone else can now embrace the quick approaching Christmas holiday! Before I start to chat about Christmas though I have to tell you that it our days like this that I am so thankful for wonderful friends, I had a wonderful surprise when I headed to the mail today..

I got a wonderful card from the lovely Tanya over at Prairie Girl in the Big, Scary World! Tanya is so thoughtful and I am always so grateful for her thoughtfulness and kind words! I am so thankful that from the other side of the world she still thinks of me and manages to put a smile on my face!! Thank you Tanya for always thinking of me, your card made my day!!

As well as the card from Tanya there was a package from Mel and I knew EXACTLY what it was and was super excited. If you remember THIS POST from back in October, you are aware that Mel was a contributor to a new book called Live Your Why, refer back to the previous post where she tells you all about it, I can tell you I was SUPER excited to get mine and plan to get started reading it ASAP! I will definitely give you my opinion! Having said that I may not have read the book yet but I know Mel, and if she as a person is any indication of what you will take from this book I encourage you to buy it! Buy a copy for yourself, buy a copy to give a friend or family for Christmas! If you are interested please let me know and I will put you in touch with Mel!

(For some reason it will not let me rotate this picture, it shows the right way but every time I upload it, it flips around! I am sorry but I have just screwed with it for 20 minutes! - HERE IS MEL THOUGH!!!!)

Not only was her new book in the package as if that wasn't exciting enough, she was so kind to send Jason and I a beautiful Christmas ornament! As you probably know Jason is from Maine, along with Mel and her husband Jason so my Jason was BEYOND thrilled with this beautiful and very thoughtful gift!

Thank you Mel for being so thoughtful, this beautiful ornament has already found a place on our newly decorated Christmas tree!

Today was low key for us, I slept in and wrapped some more Christmas presents and then we prepared for our Christmas decorating extravaganza! We were super excited to decorate for Christmas this year as it is our first Christmas in our new home and the options for decorations were endless! We have been looking and buying things for weeks now and as soon as Thanksgiving had passed we knew we would jump on the chance to decorate! I will let the pictures tell the story of our day!

Having not spent Christmas at home in many years Jason and I have spent years creating our own traditions when it comes to holidays. We spent our afternoon assembling the tree while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate!

We had the hardest time finding the perfect tree topper, it seems that all the light up ones are so tacky!! We came across this one at bed bath and beyond and we are super happy with it!

We decided to bring a snowy look to the south!

We are super excited to have the tree up as Jason and I both love Christmas!! When we finished decorating Jason thought he would make good use of the left over turkey from Thanksgiving and make his famous Turkey pot pie.. soo good! 

Jason is now upstairs wrapping and I've finished cleaning up! I am going to answer some emails and then we are planning on a quiet movie night. I know, I know we are so old and boring but we had a busy couple of days with quite a bit of alcohol and we just don't recover the same way we use to. Haha Jason will never admit that but I have personally have no problem with it! 

I have some good things planned for this week so I hope you will all be around! I don't know if I will make it here tomorrow, we don't have a lot planned but it is Football Sunday! I am hoping to get more online shopping done this weekend, I actually managed to complete shopping for a few people and I feel pretty great about that! 

I hope you have all had a great weekend and that carries through until Monday! 


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  1. It all looks beautiful!! Glad you can enjoy Christmas in your new home!

  2. Looking beautiful, including that turkey pie.

  3. Thanks Steve, the pie was a good ask it looks too!

  4. Your House is so beautiful Nicole. And I love the tree. :)