Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From Summer to Cold Crisp Days....Over Night!

Man I tell you this southern weather is something to wrap your head around! One day its 80 degrees and the next its 30 degrees! Literally the weather jumps or drops in a matter of hours, I just cant keep up!

I had planned to blog yesterday after my wonderful Facetime date with the lovely Tanya over at Prairie Girl in the Big, Scary World, sometimes you have to just love technology! I mean she is all the way over in Miraflores, Peru and none the less we could sit and have a conversation face to face! Love it! However sometimes the time will get away from you and after we hung up I decided to take advantage of the beautiful day and head out to rake the back yard! Jason is generally responsible for yard work, which honestly isn't a lot because we don't have a huge yard and we don't have any plants (nor will we EVER). I don't mind yard work, I mean all we are going to do is rake and because last time Jason raked the yard he ended up with blisters all over his hands I figured I would go out there and show him how it was done! In style!

The day was GORGEOUS and Jason was out doing errands so I whipped out my Hunter Boots aka in these parts my bug protectors and got out the rake! I will tell you it was WAY too warm for my wellies, the day was absolutely perfect! I raked about 5 bags and when Jason came home he helped me finish up. I have no blisters on my hand and am surprisingly not sore at all but my shoulder is all screwed up again. I swear I am ready to just lose this arm, I don't have patience for it. I was good until a couple of weeks ago when I was getting ready in the morning and wearing my robe and caught the sleeve on the door handle and gave myself a good jerk! I am waking up in the night in severe pain again and just dealing with a constant ache all the friggin' time! 

Anyways after we finished raking Jason decided it was time to assemble the Big Easy! We sat in the garage enjoying the day while Jason assembled our Thanksgiving bird cooker!

I am pretty interested to see how this is going to go to be honest! Jason spent a good portion of last night watching YouTube videos so he knows what he is doing. His dad encouraged him to season it first before using it and we are thinking next week we might try it out just in case shit goes down... I mean we cant have it ruining the Thanksgiving bird or anything!

We headed to Gander Mountain this morning, Jason has been itching to get some ammo for his gun as he feels it is completely useless without bullets. I have to agree but at the same time there is a little part of me that always feels a little anxious about having a loaded gun in the house. I grew up around guns but always locked away is a cabinet, trigger locks, etc and never a hand gun. I became a lot more comfortable with it once we started going to the shooting range regularly in Alaska.. but I don't know. I still wont let Jason keep it loaded under the bed. 

Since I was last here we haven't been up to much, the nights have been a little cooler so we have put the cribbage board to good use in front of the fire place!

I got this amazing cribbage board for Jason for Christmas last year! Friends of ours have a bunch of them and I have always admired them! Last year I decided that we too had to have one and I contacted Don in Minnesota to see what he had available! I absolutely love this board, not only is is completely useful but one of a kind and a piece of art work really! The price was EXTREMELY reasonable and Don is truly the nicest guy ever! If you are looking for an amazing and unique Christmas gift contact me for details!

Really since the last time I was around we haven't been up to much! Jason did some rearranging of electronics.. now that we have the new TV something magically appeared in our bedroom that I cant say I am too happy about..

I mean I think its a little excessive, don't you? I am honestly all about a big TV, I would have just as soon went much larger downstairs but when I am in bed I don't need to feel like I am at the movies. Mostly I don't care for the TV to be honest while I am trying to sleep to begin with and Jason claims he needs it to fall asleep, so this kind of just makes it worse! I will adjust, I am in the market for a new eye mask anyways because I cant find mine. With the TV and lack of curtains in our room one is MUCH needed! 

Sadly the weather is cooling off and is looking to only get worse over the weekend and bring on some rain as well, I am super disappointed in this! I obviously don't care for cold weather and more than that they are calling for cold and rain Saturday and the Seavey's are coming up and we were planning to head to the Christmas parade downtown! I guess depending on the weather we will still go, but if its pouring rain and miserable I am out.. I don't do soaked and cold! I suppose I shouldn't complain though because we may be having colder weather but have nothing compared to most of the States and Canada! As we were out today driving around I couldn't help but be thrilled that it is almost the end of November and we are still in full fall foliage! 

Fall is absolutely my most favorite time of year and this year I have seen more than my fair share of it and I am so beyond grateful! Fall in New England and Fall in the South.. pure bliss! 

Well I was feeling pretty cranky this morning and stopping in here really made me feel a lot better! We are really struggling with out builder and these Kirby vacuum assholes and its all just getting to me. I suppose I am still a little ticked about the Patriots getting robbed Monday night too.. I still don't exactly know what the hell happened there! Speaking of the Patriots... last night I decided to head upstairs and finish my book while taking a nice hot bath! When I came down afterwards I found this sitting on my counter...

Yes I did know it was coming but let me tell you it was not my idea! My parents bought this for Jason for his birthday. My Mom ordered one awhile ago but it actually turned out to be really small so we had to send it back and this one came last night. Jason was absolutely thrilled, we are currently arguing over whether we will be roasting things or slow cooking haha! I won though because my roaster is currently in the over with a giant ham in it and the house smells INCREDIBLE! I am taking step by step instruction from Brianne as I don't particularly care for ham but she made one awhile back that was the best ham I have ever had, here's to hoping mine turns out half as good. 

Well I should head out, I am off to call the builder again and flip out! I swear the professionalism of these assholes is appalling, I have never seen anything like it! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous week! I wish it was Thursday so Scandal was on tonight!! 

Stay warm my fellow Southerners!  

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