Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Good News... Bad News...

Hey Ya'll,

Let me tell you the bad news first, most people just want to get the bad news out of the way and so I am going to run with that and just tell you how it is. Are computer is SCREWED yet again!!!! Since we got it back from Geek Squad last night we have had such a hard time getting it to charge, the connection is shitty when its plugged in and therefore you are constantly holding the adapter in to get it to charge and that isn't working, obviously! So we took it back to Geek Squad this morning and he said that because it is under warranty it is covered but it is a hardware issue so it has to be sent away and could take 2-4 weeks!! 2-4 WEEKS!!! We have to do it because the warranty is up in January but he said today that if they couldn't fix it then they would junk it and send us a new one.. great, but we will lose everything on this one. So we brought it home to back it up tonight. UGH!

So naturally I am pissed because its just a huge fat pain in the ass and I can't blog from Jason's work computer and I truly hate blogging from my phone so sadly I don't know how much I will get around here and if I do it will definitely not include pictures most likely. Hopefully it wont take as long as they are saying and it wont be a big deal, but I swear if its bad luck its bound to be my luck!

Onward and upwards to my good news though! Today is mine and Jason's third wedding anniversary!!! Honestly I truly cannot believe that three years have gone by already, it seems like yesterday we were in Florida having the time of our lives.

Marriage is a funny thing, before Jason and I got married or were together I use to wonder how you could wake up to the same person everyday for the rest of your life? Why people said that being married made you feel differently about someone than just being with them, none of the cliche marriage sentiments meant much to me because I wasn't married. Then I married Jason, and things made sense.

It really has nothing to do with a piece of paper, but it has everything to do with a promise. The day that we said I do I knew everyday wasn't going to be perfect, I knew that there would be fights, there would be bad days but there would be security, partnership, a best friend forever. Jason is exactly that, my best friend. Is everyday sunshine and rainbows? HELL NO, but does the good out weigh the bad? ABSOLUTELY! Being married means never being selfish, because you have someone else to consider, it means compromise and endless love.

Still to this day Jason's smile makes me weak at the knees, when he runs to the grocery store I get so excited for him to come home. When we have to be apart I miss him more then words and nothing feels right in my world, I cant sleep without him beside me at night. These are all the best parts about being married, I don't hate that I feel less like myself without him, I don't feel pathetic, I feel lucky.. lucky that I love someone that much who loves me back. Lucky that no matter what else is going on with our world I know that never changes.

Today we have been married three years and I almost cant believe it! I remember everyone asking us before we got married if we were nervous and neither of us were, I guess I never expected anything to change really.. and it did in a lot of ways and it didn't. But I can say that the ways it did were for the best.

On our first anniversary we were in North Carolina and Jason surprised me with a day of horse back riding at Dead Broke Horse Farm. It was honestly the most amazing day, we spent the day riding through the woods, up and down streams.. it was incredible! Jason doesn't LOVE horse back riding but he knew just how much I do! We had the most amazing day! Last year we were in Alaska and it happened to be my day off but Jason worked! We decided to stay home and I made dinner and we had a low key night, it was great. This morning we woke up and exchanged cards, as we decided this year we wouldn't buy gifts after both of us just having had birthdays and Christmas right around the corner. But before getting up to make breakfast Jason asked if I felt like going horse back riding today... I couldn't have been more excited to find out he had it all planned out!

I woke up to this card...

 Jason really does by the best cards!! I got up and made a big breakfast and we got ready to head out the door! We stopped and got a Starbucks and headed to horse country! You know growing up in the city I never felt like I was missing out on country life, except for when it came to horses.. I just love them!

This year the farm unexpectedly had two babies arrive! I guess they bought two mares unaware that they were pregnant. The Mama of the owner joked with us and told us the female was a doll but the male was quite ornery.. haha go figure!

They have about 80 horses on the farm right now, and they are absolutely amazing. It is a horse rescue where the owner goes to auction and buys horses and that are not taken care of, malnutritioned, abused and she buys them and nurses them back to health, saddle breaks them and gets them happy and healthy to sell to good owners, its pretty amazing! 

Some of the horses are quite old and need a little extra care, these are horses that have been around for years and the family has taken to them. The owners Mama told us they still tend to get rid of them because they don't like funerals. 

 This was my horse, she had a really strange name but the most amazing eyes! I can't say that I have ever seen a horse with blue eyes before. Apparently it is a misconception that horses with these color eyes are blind.. they were extremely incredible. 

This was Jason's horse 'Rebel' - which Jason felt he got the picture on our ride. It was actually pretty funny, we decided to go trotting through the woods and the horses took off running and Jason PANICKED!!! He grabbed hold of the reins so tight and hailed them back yelling WHOA WHOA WHOA.. so much so that my horse almost ran into him! It was pretty hilarious, minus the fact that he was legitimately scared! Later on the lady asked did we want to do it again and Jason said he wasn't entirely comfortable with it! haha!! 

This is Pablo.. he is a beautiful horse, such a gentle soul! 

This little bastard was running around. I friggin' hate birds!!! This one was sneaky too!

Jason on his horse! Saddled up and ready to go!

Out ridin'....

I don't know if you can see it.. it is super hard to take a picture while riding on a horse through the woods but there is a deer laying in the leaves straight ahead. We saw so many deer on our ride it was absolutely crazy!

We also saw a TON of turkeys! All of them Toms - no I didn't name them, that's what a male turkey is called. I named them Henry, Harry, Travis and Clark. 

This guy is lucky he wasn't in the back of our truck on the way home.. because don't think for one second I didn't try it! I mean how cute is he? Plus we have more than enough room for him.. and he would absolutely help with the yard work.. we wouldn't have to buy a lawn mower. Jason said that by going horse back riding he thought I wouldn't talk about needing a horse every five minutes.. WRONG!!

We had an excellent day, after horse back riding we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and dinner was AMAZING! We got the cheesecake to go as we were just too full to enjoy it. After dinner we walked around the Crabtree Valley Mall and then headed home. I wanted to get one last blog in before the computer goes in with our pictures from today and Jason wanted to back up all our content! 

Today was a great day, a day to remember.. just like many that have passed throughout this year! I love days like this, creating memories, making traditions (horse back riding on our anniversary). Thank you babe for planning such an amazing day and being so thoughtful! I am so blessed to have spent three amazing years married to a man like you and I look so forward to the many years ahead and all they will bring! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! I do plan to try and blog with more content that doesn't include pictures, but it will be from my phone. 

If I don't get back here right away (I am going to try) I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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  1. It looks like you had a fabulous day. Happy Anniversary, ( belated). I too love horse back riding , gives me a chance to wear my cowboy boots. Haven't been on a horse in years but I used to go a lot. This place looks really cool. Did they send a guide with you ? Always more fun to go alone.

    Your comments about marriage are so true. I get excited every day when Christina gets home from work, I never tire of seeing her sweet face. She is always in a great mood.

    Glad you had a great day !

  2. Hey, almost forget. Don't be attacking chickens ! One of my favourite foods, they need to be treated with great respect because they end up in the oven to feed people like me. 😄.

    Hard to believe that some people eat horse meat.

  3. Thanks Steve, we had a fabulous day! Always good to take a day and spend some quality time together and appreciate all you have to be thankful for when it comes to your relationship!
    As for chickens they are one of my favorite foods as well but I am absolutely whole heartedly TERRIFIED of all birds and those little bastard are sneaky and they run so fast.. I want no part of them when they are alive!
    As for the horse meat thing I just dont understand that, you should check out the place that we went, its actually a rescue and she puts a lot of before and after pictures on it.. its really sad to see how people treat animals. Thanks for the comment, I am glad you are back up and running! I was missing you!

  4. Your thoughts about marriage are really true. So happy you are both so happy :) I don't believe I've ever seen a horse with blue eyes either. How amazing is that? I can totally understand why you wanted to bring that little one home. So completely adorable! What an amazing place to rescue and restore animals to health. I can't watch anything or look at photos of abused animals. Makes me so upset. Sounds like you had a great anniversary.

    1. Sorry - forgot to put my name in. I'll do it now.

  5. Thanks Cathy!! We had a fabulous day! Couldn't have imagined doing anything better!! Thanks for the comments!! They mean a lot!! XO