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I'm sorry I haven't been around in awhile, I thought I would have tons to tell while my mom has been here and its not that I don't but I just haven't had time truth be told! I am flying to Maine on Friday so somewhere I will find time to fill you all in!! In the meantime I have an exciting guest post by a great friend of mine who has recently contributed to an amazing book and she would love to tell you all about it!! I have already pre-ordered mine and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same! Take it away Mel!

We all have a story.....I have never "publicly" shared mine until now. As I get older I have find that I have gravitated towards doing the things I LOVE....So I have to ask.....Do you love your life, your career, and most of all yourself on a daily basis? Are you INSPIRED? I am proud to say I have crossed something off of my bucket list and am finally a published author.  We have an AMAZING one day only virtual book launch coming up and I am trying to reach out/spread our message as far as possible. My lovely friend Nicole has let me hijack her blog for the day to tell you about this!!!
This is going to be one of the most amazing collaborative books of the season: Defyeneurs Season 3: Live your WHY directed by Gerry Visca. This is a huge milestone for me to become a published author and I am so excited to share with you my exciting chapter titled: POWER OF CHOICE and also the other 24 exciting authors in this incredible book.
Together, we are helping others live their "WHY" which the founder of the Defyeneurs movement, Gerry Visca, defines as: The World Helped by You. This book series celebrates EVERYDAY people doing EXTRAORDINARY things. No one should ever feel alone and greatness is reserved for everyone.
This is no ordinary book written by just one author - it contains the energy of over 24 authors with an inspiring introduction by the founder of Defyeneurs and one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers sharing his vision of a world inspired!
Please mark your calendar for November 1, 2013 and on that day log onto to order a copy of Season 3: Defyeneurs! You will be prompted to enter my name Melissa Goodwin as the author.  This is a book of inspiration, support, and 24 individual messages of how to LIVE YOUR WHY!!!  I imagine a world inspired......
Thank you for your support
Melissa Goodwin Contributing Author - Defyeneurs Season 3: Live your WHY

There you have it folks!! LIVE YOUR WHY! Everyone has goals and aspirations, take the time and read this book and see how other people accomplished theirs, what and who drove them and what they got out of it. Enjoy these wonderful stories and give them the chance to inspire yours!

I may not know all of the authors but I know one and I know her story, I promise if this book is filled with authors as hardworking, dedicated and overall as enriching as her this book is destined for great things, just as all of you are! Thank you Mel for stopping by and giving us all the opportunity to be apart of something amazing!! 

Please check out more about this inspirational book and its authors HERE

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