Friday, November 8, 2013

Good Morning Winter... In the South!

Well I apparently missed the memo that in November it does actually get cold in the South.. if I only would have known. I don't know what the deal is, apparently some random cold front is coming through and even Georgia and Alabama were to be expecting frost this morning.. bullshit.

We had to be up early this morning because we had a plethora of people that are to be coming through the house today. I am generally not a morning person and the fact that it got so cold last night and Jason had the windows open in the bedroom, getting up this morning was a feat! Jason got up with the alarm and I went back to sleep, so he came up and fought with me to get out of bed 15 minutes before anyone was suppose to show up (sound familiar Mom?). I just got up, put on some sweats and made myself presentable before blindly wandering downstairs to make coffee. I hate mornings.

As you can tell I haven't been around much this week and truthfully I am not apologizing this time because it was intentional.. I was so super miserable this week with all of the lack of work going on in the house and dealing with the most incompetent people that I couldn't think of anything to write about but the misery of it all so I stayed away. I will tell you that we have still had no luck and everything was suppose to be completed by this Wednesday and here it is Friday and only one guy has shown up and two small items have been addressed out of a four an a half page typed report. I have called multiple people, yelled, explained in no uncertain terms what I think of them, their operation and professionalism. It got me no where. I want to spit at them all. I just want this all finished so I don't have to deal with these assholes anymore.

We also got some news about Jason and work this week which for some reason hit me really hard, I will keep you all posted as details fall into place but BIG SURPRISE I have done a decent amount of crying in frustration with everything that is taking place this week. Thank god for Tanya who can relate to my work frustrations and her graciously facetiming to listen to me whine!

We have gotten a few other things for the house since last time I posted, but I forgot to take pictures of them haha go figure! So I will make sure to be on top of that for my next post, but in the meantime to feed your curiosity we got curtains for the living room and dining room, master bedroom lamps, a good majority of stuff for the gym and I feel like we got more but I cant quite put my finger on what at the moment! I'll go around and take pictures!

That really is this week in a nutshell. I finally got around to take a bag of clothes I was getting rid of to Plato's Closet and they bought 13 items for $41.00.. SCORE! That afternoon I decided to make a homemade chicken soup for dinner, because... well basically I love homemade soup!

We had to go to Sears and get a few things, Jason a new suitcase particularly and again I was stunned at the Christmas display being put on.. ITS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING! Seriously, long before Halloween the Santa setups were in every mall, trees were up everywhere, what the hell is going on??

I mean I am by no means a Grinch, I LOVE Christmas but Christmas is not a 6 months out of the year kind of thing, I don't feel like I will appreciate the Christmas season as much when it does arrive seeings how I have been listening to Christmas music for weeks. Knock it off people, knock it off! We have Veteran's day (yes it is a VERY important day) and we have Thanksgiving!!!! COME ON!! (I was bound to rant somewhere).

The pest control people are here aka my new best friend. No we don't really need them but I INSISTED it be done as a preventative measure because if ya'll don't know it, the bugs in the South are MASSIVE and if I find another one in my house we are moving. So its cheaper to rectify the issue before it is one then to sell the house (which is a consideration anyway if these mother truckers don't get their shit together and fix what needs to be done). Thankfully there are other people here as well so Jason wont be able to micromanage the pest guy (he needs to do a good job) like he did the Time Warner guy this morning. 

I mean honestly.. this guy was so not impressed with Jason hovering and basically "fixed" the problem and jetted out of here. 

So I think I am going to run now that I have rambled on because these house assholes are here and Jason is FAR TOO NICE and I am over that, they are either going do what needs to be done or deal with the wrath of this redhead which I promise you is not their best option. 

We are headed to the Seavey's tomorrow for a change of scenery and some mini golf! I plan to drink bloody mary's, not in excess because I am quite sure I have a kidney stone or gravel or something in there. I had issues while we were in Maine and on and off I have felt that very clear pain that is consistent with kidney stones.. so I think I will chase every drink with a nice glass of ice water. I'm so old. 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Hopefully the weather gets a little nicer around these parts because mini golf in my parka seems a bit ridiculous, however not out of the question. Pictures to follow! 


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