Monday, November 4, 2013

Some House Stuff and a Birthday.. Typical Monday!

Good Evening All!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I didn't plan on being around here this weekend and truth be told I could have yesterday but I was exhausted! I have been meaning to come around and show you some updated pictures of the house, and all the other list of things I have going of what I want to post about but my motivation and time has been limited.

I have been waiting for days, specifically since last Wednesday for all the people who should be coming into our house to fix all the things that are wrong with it and so far nothing. We agreed upon a completion date of this Wednesday assuming we would have people in the house the next day to start and naturally we never heard from anyone and no one has been here as of today and I have officially exceeded my tolerance limited and plan to rhyme off an email tomorrow that will make head spins! I officially hate every one of these incompetent tool bags for ruining our first home buying experience and wish they would get their shit semi together and do their fucking jobs! Period. NEVER EVER BUY A KB HOME!!!

In the meantime I thought I would share some pictures of the house, as things have come together a little more and I did share these pictures with other people and then I thought.. HEY! there are other people who would like to see these! So I apologize in advance for photo overload.

I am more in love with this coffee table everyday! I love the rustic warm look, I couldn't be any happier with this purchase!

Living room thus far, we are debating an area rug but the floors are so great we just can't decide. You can see there are temporary curtains hanging in the dining room over the sliding glass doors until we can find curtains we absolutely love. The whole house has Hunter Douglas blinds but that door so its not a huge issue and we decided not to settle but hold out for something that we instantly fall in love with!

Living room, Kitchen, Dining Room


Dining room with our fabulous dining room table. If you remember back we were having a wicked time finding a dining room table. We were set on a pub table and having no luck finding one until we came across this one online. I was unnerved about buying something we couldn't see but we were desperate. I called to order it and they said that they couldn't get it in until January.. so I continued to call around. I managed to find a licensed Liberty Furniture dealer who had it to us at the end of October and it was cheaper! Score!

Downstairs Hallway and office space. 

Master Bedroom. We got awesome bedside lamps after these pictures were taken.. sorry! I will have to update! That TV is also temporary as we don't have one for the bedroom yet so this is our travel bedroom TV. 

I'm trying to tell Jason, we need more pillows! Don't you think?

Master Bathroom. 

Master Bathroom

My closet. I have some organizing to do. 

Stairway looking down.

Upstairs loft space. 

Upstairs loft space looking out from copper accent wall

Upstairs spare bedroom, I didn't add the picture of the other bedroom because its the same as this but empty! This one is for guests and this week the other one will transform into a gym!

Upstairs Laundry room

Upstairs spare bathroom. I didn't take a picture of the downstairs powder room, but its nothing exciting. 

Front of the house!

We are making progress, slowly but surely! We haven't managed to get any art on the wall sadly, to me that always makes a house feel like a home but we are working on it. Tonight we are planning to pick a few wedding pictures to have printed and then we will get frames and are thinking we would like to put them in the stairway. There is a certain picture I would like to have for the bedroom but I feel like I cant make a decision until I know about curtains (ridiculous I know) but we will probably get pictures before curtains at this point so we'll see! 

This past weekend the Seavey's came up for a sleepover! It was quite an interesting weekend to say the least haha! We had a great time none the less! Saturday night Brianne carried Amelia's pack-n-play upstairs and I took the little lady to get her set up for bed! When we got up there Jason had every window in the damn house open and although it was a gorgeous day the nights have been quite chilly here. I put lady A down on the carpet for a minute while I shut some windows and she was a little perplexed! I hadn't given much thought to the fact that they don't have carpet at their house and she had never seen it! I'm not sure she knew what to think of it, check out her expressions! They were hilarious!

The dimple, seriously!

This was hilarious.. she would get her face so close to the carpet and then pop up with the most hilarious smile like she had found gold! It was amazing!

How I love this little porker!

So that was really my weekend. Yesterday while Jason was hungover all day I cleaned and relaxed! Watched football and did laundry. I bombed in the pool this week but am hoping Jason wins as today is his birthday. 

When things like birthdays roll around and I count how many we have spent together silly I know but I get butterflies. I look forward to all these events we share together and looking back on them fondly! I try hard to make every moment of them special, especially birthdays because they were always made special for me. 

Today I wish the love of my life the happiest of birthdays, I am grateful to be apart of every birthday and hope you feel as special today and everyday as you make me feel! You only get better with age babe, be proud of it! I love you more than words! XO

Ps - I'm sorry you had to rake the lawn today, but you did a fabulous job! ;)

On a side note before I take off, I was pretty busy on my own birthday this year and then I departed the next day for a week and to say things have been hectic since we've been back is an understatement.. so I haven't posted a picture of the FABULOUS birthday present Jason got me. I am so in love, I pout every time we leave the house and I have to take them off! BEST GIFT EVER!

UGG slippers! SCORE! My feet actually need these right now as they are COVERED in blisters.. literally... bad ones. For some reason in the last week if I can burn it, blister it, break it, etc I have done so. I am quite a wreck, no kidding. 

Speaking of that, I do a lot of apologizing around these parts for not blogging and it really does come from a genuine apologetic place but that is a little broader in that I haven't been much for the phone or being on top of responding to letters, emails, etc. I don't really have a defense besides being busy which I generally think is a shitty excuse. I am really trying to take advantage of down time and just read, have a bath, do things that help me relax because I have been overwhelmed, so cut me so slack.. I really do care. I swear. 

Alright I am going to bed, we have a Time Warner tech coming tomorrow because our TV is F'ed and Jason called about it tonight and they don't know. Nothing ever works, I kid you not. 

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