Friday, November 15, 2013

A Night Out.. Christmas Style!

Afternoon All,

In case you were wondering it is still chilly as all hell here in Raleigh!! I don't know what is going on, from what I am hearing this is really unusual for this time of year and let me tell you I should hope so. The nights and mornings are freezing but truth be told it warms up quite nicely during the day! We are expecting some rain today though and I am alright with that, we are planning a night in after last night!

Last night Jason and I headed downtown for a night out at the theater! We got downtown and walk around in the crisp fall air for awhile before settling in at The Big Easy for the most incredible dinner! We hadn't planned where we would eat before we got down there (surprisingly because Jason usually plans everything to the point of annoying) so after walking around for awhile we thought this would be a great place to try. I'm not going to lie we couldn't have picked anywhere better! The atmosphere was awesome, warm and inviting.. there was live jazz music being played! I was in heaven! You know those bars that have the old wooden bars, big windows, a place you feel at home (no I don't find it at all weird to refer to a bar as "home" I basically lived at Daly's while we were in NYC). We ordered beers and enjoy the music while perusing their New Orleans themed menu!

I am a super fussy eater if I haven't mentioned that and I can't have seafood so I was a little worried about what I would order and I really wasn't in the mood for usual bar food (chicken strips). Jason convinced me to order the pork chops by reminding me of the amazing pork chop dinner I had in Washington DC while we were there a few summers ago and let me tell you once again I was not disappointed. I am not a lover a pork chops but they were done in a mushroom demi glaze with the most amazingly incredible, fantastic, enjoyable mashed potatoes I have ever had in my life!!! I don't know how they did it but I swear I could have sat there eating them for the rest of my life! Generally I don't even like mashed potatoes but these ones.. well.. there just are no words! Dinner was absolutely fantastic!!!!

When we were done dinner we headed out to get a Starbucks and wander until it was almost time for the show!! I got my first Eggnog Latte of the season.. mmm... and Jason tried their new Gingerbread latte (different recipe then the years before, with spiced whipped cream and molasses drizzle). It really was a beautiful night to get a warm drink and wander around downtown, its funny how the cool weather and holiday season makes everything just feel different!

We finally headed over to the Center of Performing Arts for Elf the Musical!!

I was super excited to see Elf on stage, it is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies and I absolutely love the theater! This was our first time at this theater and I always like to see different places and its nice to know what is available in regards to the arts locally! 

The theater itself is beautiful, the outside was beautifully lit! The inside was well setup and when we arrived they were offering a plethora of refreshments! It was all just very Christmas like, festive! Everyone was dressed up and chatty.. it was a great atmosphere! When we were seated the stage was dressed up like Christmas naturally and I just couldn't wait for the show to start!

The show was incredible, it has quite a few differences from the movie which is to be expected. The performers all had mostly Broadway experience, some TV and more.. the show was excellent! 

After dinner we headed home to bed (we are old and not exciting right?) because as I expected the painters did not come close to finishing and therefore expected to be back here this morning at 8:00am. 

We have pretty much hung around here today, I made a quick trip to Target, leaving with only the four things that were on my list when I went which I consider to be a major feat! I could spend a fortune at Target daily, lets be real! I didn't even walk through the clothes or shoes, probably why I left with nothing more then paper towel and 3 other boring items. 

The painters are still here and are planning on working late, but I'm not stupid and know damn well they won't be done today either. Naturally Carter hasn't been around either.. little snake that he is, for a "superintendent" he is not the least bit reliable, he hasn't actually done one thing that he said he was going to do. Asshole. 

On that note I will be departing, again if they do by some miracle finish painting I plan to take some pictures around the house and post them tomorrow.. but don't count on it. 

I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend! If you're in the South take advantage of the beautiful weekend ahead as they are calling for it to cool down again next weekend!! 


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