Monday, November 18, 2013

House Update, As Promised!

Happy Monday!! (who says that right?)

I know, I know.. no Monday is really a happy one! Weekend is over, back to work and real life.. but right now they weekends and weekdays are the same for me so HAPPY MONDAY! It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here today, yesterday and today have been downright amazing weather! We went out today to look for Christmas ornaments in shorts! True story!

Truthfully there isn't anything super awesome about today except for the fact that we FINALLY found throw pillows! Ha! Trivial maybe but we have been looking for pillows for the living room FOREVER and nothing was really striking our fancy and when we did happen to find something they were just outrageously priced. So today we knew we wanted to head to Garden Ridge to look at Christmas stuff and we decided to check out pillows while we were there. You would assume by the name that is it all outdoor stuff there but truthfully they have absolutely everything and most of it for a really decent price!

As promised I thought I would stop in today with some updated pictures of things around the house. Really there isn't a lot I realized after going around and taking pictures but I guess little touches make it feel more and more like home! So here are a few updates...

This isn't a great picture, I thought taking the picture during the day with good light would be the best but I'm not sure, I guess you get the idea. The curtains are very simple, beige but heavy and I love them. We have the same ones for the living room windows however we haven't put them up yet because we haven't been able to find a curtain rod long enough to go across all the windows. We need one that is 144" and we would like one that matches the one we have in the dining room! Not to mention I would like to get an accent curtain to go between them and we haven't found one of those either. 

This picture isn't much better! Seeings how the pictures suck you should all feel free to jump on my band wagon and tell Jason that I absolutely need to new beautiful camera for Christmas with different lenses. I have always LOVED photography and would really like to make it a serious hobby and in order to do that I will need a better camera. Just sayin'!

This awesome table was a house warming gift from Tanya over at Prairie Girl in the Big, Scary World  and her lovely hubby Josh! We are so grateful, this table is a wonderful addition to our decor, we couldn't be happier with it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 

Check it out.. THROW PILLOWS!! I didn't want something square unless they were big and over sized which Jason wasn't too keen on! I wanted something with color because our downstairs thus far is extremely neutral and therefore pops of color is much needed. The backs are brown just like the walls which ties it in and I absolutely love the colors on the front. I am extremely happy with the pillows and Jason is extremely happy with the price! 3 for $30.00!!

I still hate the damn micro suede couch! I wish we never got them, I seriously hate everything about them and am glad they don't look like they will last very long!  

The Smart TV is officially mounted, the thing is awesome but putting it up was not. Jason wants to move it down a couple of inches.. he's on his own!

We finally got some wedding pictures printed and put up! We have been married for 3 years in a couple of weeks and we have never had wedding pictures up... I cannot tell you how much this warms my heart and makes this house feel like home. We are so lucky to be one of those people who had an absolutely AMAZING photographer Mr. Frank Simonetti and love all our pictures. We have not been able to put them up anywhere because we always move and never wanted to print them and get them framed assuming they would break during a move! But now we don't have to worry about that!!

We decided to put them up in the stairway and I think that was a great choice! We picked a variety of pictures and I couldn't be happier with the finished product. 

Above our bed we decided to go with a canvas! I was really nervous about the quality of a canvas and printing it at such a large size. We had considered many different ideas and when Jason suggested a wedding picture I thought that was a great idea! I called Shutterfly where I ordered them from and explained my concerns, they checked the order and photo quality and assured me everything would be fine. They said that if I didn't like the quality when I got it they would happily accept a return and give me a full refund.

The quality is great and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I definitely feel like having a wedding picture is way more personal then just a random canvas we picked out at the store!

We also finally picked out bedside table lamps. This was another thing that I think I had a picture in my head and was sure that I knew what I wanted and therefore when I couldn't find it we just didn't get anything for a long time. We ended up getting these at Home Depot which truthfully I hadn't considered in my search. I was really hoping to get something with a yellow accent like our decorative pillows but that just didn't happen. I'm not disappointed though, I am still on the hunt for other pillows for the bed and we haven't gotten curtains yet so who knows what I might come up with. I am extremely happy with these little gems! 

 Shit.. I just wrote here and deleted it somehow! Ugh! Anyways the spare room gym shall commence this week I suspect! There is a bunch of stuff in the garage to go up there as well so I believe Jason will set this all up this week and I will post some more pictures. We are pretty excited to get this up and running and start working out. Sadly we are both packing on the pounds since leaving Estevan. 

Last but certainly not least this is a very useful house warming gift from Evan and Brianne! We are so grateful for everyone's amazing kindness and the gifts they have sent us for the house! There are no words! Jason was obviously BEYOND thrilled with this baby and has definitely put it to good use! 

Someone continues to claim beer sales when he goes to the store... so we are stocked! I however have noticed that my beer never goes on sale! 

This has no relevance nor is it new but I am so thrilled that we can finally put up things we have bought on our adventures! This is a frame we got in Hawaii in March and the picture is from the night we went to the Maui Royal Lahaina Luau! We have the most amazing time and have no been able to put the pictures up since! Oh the absolute joy of having your own home! Saying that will absolutely never get old!

I should have gotten up yesterday morning and followed Jason around taking pictures while he was making chili because let me tell you it is the best Chili I have ever had! Jason is always up with the birds and I am absolutely not a morning person so I missed out on the chili making! 

We don't have a lot planned for this week but no fear I have some blogs planned! I am off to turn the chili back on for dinner tonight and to paint my toes! Tonight the Patriots play Monday night football so you know where we will be, in front of the new TV! 

I hope you have all had a wonderful Monday!! 

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