Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Confession of Sorts... if You Will

Yes it true, I am my father! As people get older, women especially I find they often embrace or hate to admit they are there mother! Not to say I don't have tendencies that are a direct reflection of my Mom because I absolutely do.. but if you want to find her mini me look for my not so little anymore brother! I however am my father and as I get older our similarities seem that much more noticeable if you will.

So while up so extremely early on this very miserable day I thought I would share with you all the ways I am just like my Dad!

1. Neither of us are morning people, when we get up we don't want to be spoke to or engaged... we want to make a coffee and watch the news, once we have finished our first cup and replenished then you may speak... slowly and with few questions. Mornings without coffee do not exist.. for your safety.

2. We drive the exact same way, we could probably include my brother on this one as he too shares all these same characteristics! We sing, loudly and use the steering wheel primarily as our own one man band.. we are always the DJ. We blatantly ignore speed limits and can be thrust into fits of road rage by most anyone! That's right, a 500lb guy in a Fiat to a 80 year old woman in a Buick... we do not discriminate! A left turn does not need to be a life choice and a right turn does not require you to decide what you want to order.. GET A MOVE ON BRAKES-A-LOT!!

3. We are forgetful. Well this is probably a bit of an understatement... we could very easily take part in the never ending conversation because as the conversation progresses we most likely will have forgotten what we said earlier and repeat it. I kid you not. See at my age I still feel the need to pretend its not such an issue and live for sticky notes, notes on my phone, random napkins and pieces of paper I have written random shit down on so I can frantically look for it to remember when trying to make a point or knowing damn well I should be doing something I am not. Now Dad he writes things down, but he repeats a little more than me... no big deal... most of what he says is important enough to be said twice.

4. Pizza and beer are our favorite, not necessarily in that order. Enough Said.

5. We are fierce debaters, even when we're wrong. That's right we are those people who will fight to the death and not at all let on the moment we come to that realization mid argument that we might be wrong, and generally when all participants are tired of the conversation we say "whatever" and walk away, NEVER admitting defeat. When I was in school I absolutely should have been part of some debate team, because if I got tired without a doubt Dad would have picked up where I left off!

6. We hate grocery shopping. I remember being a kid and we would take my Mom to the grocery store and we would make our way over to the Becker's mini mart beside it and get lottery tickets and hostess cupcakes, then we would sit in the car and chat while watching for Mom to come out so we could pick her up. I hate grocery shopping still and if Jason feels the need to venture out in order for us to eat that week I could not be more grateful! I always feel like I am in everyone's way and with or without a list I am going to have to go back and forth throughout the store to get all that I need. Dad now goes grocery shopping, he pushes the cart... AKA hits people who gets in his way... this is the way to do it.

7. When we get sick we are legitimately the biggest babies on the face of the earth, we are. We whine, a lot.. I will often cry, no I always cry. I cry about feeling shitty, I cry because Dad made fun of me for being sick (haha I kid you not, that has happened many times, all in good fun), I cry because that's what I do in all adverse situations. Dad doesn't cry he is fiercely miserable.. which lets be honest is a projection of crying on the inside. We hate being sick, its a good for nothing pain in the ass that slows us down from all our damn beer drinking! Having said that Dad has a theory that when suffering from a cold you take a shot of whiskey, put on your best joggers, go to bed and sweat it out... Yes Dad, a shot of whiskey.. wink wink.

8. We are NOT patient. This may be a family trait truth be told, but patience for ignorance, stupidity, arrogance, bad drivers, slow moving people, lines, etc. is none existent. When stuck in a line we are those people bitching and cussing loudly about the stupidity of 16 lanes available and 4 open.. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER WALMART!

9. Every year no matter what we say, we are last minute Christmas shoppers. I don't believe this is intentional on our part, we discuss gifts and have the best of intentions but somehow we never find what we are looking for, or can't make it out, or can't find a parking spot and get pissed off and leave. We could obviously prevent this by getting an early start on things, like really early... I'm talking July, but come on.. where is the fun in that?

10. We're hilarious. Was there any doubt?

11. We look alike. Growing up I always looked just like my Mom and now more often then not I am told of how much I look like my Dad. Its quite funny actually my brother and I have pulled a freaky Friday of sorts... it use to be the opposite, I was more like my Mom and looked like her and my brother was identical to my Dad and carried a lot of his traits.. we got older and BAM.. switched!

12. We have thick curly hair, I truly get this from both of my parents and although all of you with thin straight hair think you are jealous.. you really aren't.. trust me.

13. We love fiercely and say it. Growing up I distinctly remember kissing both my parents before I went to bed every night and telling them I love them. Still when we are home, I do. If we talk once a day (likely more) or 500 times a day, when we hang up we always say we love each other... it warms my heart more than words that Jason is actively apart of this tradition. My life has always been extremely full of love and support and there are no words for how grateful I am for that. When you love someone tell them, life has shown that tomorrow is no guarantee!

14. We LOVE us some FOOTBALL!! We don't care about having a favorite team or who gets paid what, we care about Sunday's in front of the TV yelling plays to the players and calls to the refs... and maybe some beer!

15. We can basically read each others mind. I know, I know.. telepathy is questionable at best but we often say the exact same thing.. its creepy. I will be on the phone with my Mom and we will be talking about something and Dad will come in and ask what were talking about and literally have the exact same thing to say as I did. Or my parents will have a conversation and Mom will call me for input and 90% of the time I will side with Dad, having the exact same argument. What can I say.. great minds thing alike.

Recently I get a big kick out of the fact that its almost as though Dad forgets I grew up there, he raised me! He thinks I have always lived in the States and am basically American. He often says... "you probably don't have (said item/object, etc) there but we have them here and..." HAHA YES DAD I KNOW WHAT ORANGE CONSTRUCTION SITE FENCE IS! We laughed about this last night, I bet he'll still do it though, HAHA which makes it even funnier!

I'm a lucky girl, a Daddy's girl! I have absolutely no shame in admitting I am EXACTLY like my Dad! I miss him terribly when we are away and so look forward to our time together. I know that having great parents isn't a given right and in my adult years I have learned the hard way that not everyone grew up in a family like I did and had the wonderful things I had, it makes me sad. Don't get my wrong, my family is weird and dysfunctional and has quirks like everyone's family (its mostly the extended family, truth be told.. haha) but I definitely had it good.

Anyways with that said I am off to make another coffee and embrace the quiet before chaos ensues! The Seavey's will be arriving this morning to begin our Thanksgiving festivities and I am very excited. The weather is still extremely miserable here, the coast actually saw what they believe due to the damages was tornadoes! We are fortunate enough to just be seeing cold air and rain, a chance of flurries this afternoon!

If you are traveling for the holidays drive safe, hopefully you are not one of the unlucky souls to have horrifically delayed flights, if not cancelled all together!

Happy Day before turkey day! Eat, Drink... and well.. what more do you want?

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  1. What ? You don't care what team you root for ? Pardon me ?

  2. Haha Steve, I meant it in that when Sunday rolls around we are just happy to be in front of the TV.. a game is a game! I don't think I conveyed that how I meant it! Sorry!
    Thanks Paula, I see you have been writing again and I am SUPER thrilled about that! I miss you! Sorry Ive been a TERRIBLE penpal, I promise I am working on rectifying that!!