Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Oh What Happens When I'm Away!

WE GOT THE LAPTOP BACK!!!! $200.00 later.. which I suppose is better then having to buy a new laptop all together, but none the less a huge piss off in that this thing isn't even two years old! Apparently there were virus's and traces of them about 16 to be exact, which kills me because we are really good about buying the antivirus and installing it before the prior one runs out. I guess shit happens! None the less we have it back and it doesn't feel like our computer but whatever I can blog!

As previously mentioned we went mini golfing on the weekend at the Seavey's but I did not put the pictures from said event on the computer yet (worst blogger ever) but eventually I will and you will get picture overload. After mini golf we headed to the Mellow Mushroom for lunch... Oh... My... Lord... it was INCREDIBLE! I don't know why we have never been to one before, we hit the one in Fayetteville but there is one in Raleigh we plan to visit soon!

Anyways you WILL NOT BELIEVE what flippin' happened here yesterday! Honestly Jason and I have been joking about our luck lately and if something bad is going to happen its going to happen to us.. I'm pretty sure sets that in stone! So yesterday Jason and I were home in the afternoon and he was touching up some paint spots and we were just hanging out, then the doorbell rang. I came downstairs and got the door and some young kid was standing there and handed me a roll of paper towel and said.. "can I show you what goes with that?" and I was like... Umm.. ok? So he runs to some SUV parked at the end of our driveway and I call for Jason! Long story short they were trying to sell a vacuum! Who knew people still did that? Anyways they came in and then I couldn't tell them to get out so they proceeded with a demo! Well Jason was totally into it because apparently his mother had one of these vacuums his whole life and they are awesome. The demonstration was really impressive but midway through the obviously experienced sales guy said that he had to run to his other person he had around the corner and this kid would continue the demonstration and he would be back. Well.... it was going fine and then he wanted to show us how it removes stuff from mattresses.

Long story short he proceeds to put the vacuum on our brand new bed and puts massive holes in it and sucks out all the padding! SEE... BAD STUPID THINGS!!!

So obviously this bed is brand new and Jason freaks out while this poor kid wanted to sob right then and there! I mean it obviously sucked and I was mad but he didn't do it on purpose obviously and he felt absolutely terrible!! Jason was pacing around cursing making him feel so much worse! It was an awful situation. So he calls his boss on our house phone and I can hear this guy (the one who had just left) tell him to suck it up and continue the demonstration he would be back soon. This poor kid just wanted to leave, or cry.. I wouldn't let him use our bathroom out of fear I might find him hanging from the shower rod.. it was bad. 

So his boss comes back after about 20 minutes of uncomfortable-ness and believe it or not says nothing about the bed and continues to try and sell us the vacuum without even offering us a discount! I was like.. HOLD THE PHONE ASSHOLE! We ARE NOT paying $1,600.00 for a vacuum when you just ruined our $1,600.00 BED!!!! Then he was like, "oh, well can I take a look?" ACTUALLY I INSIST!!!!! So he took a look and very casually said he would take some pictures and see what he could go. Umm no? Basically in the end he didn't want to do anything so Jason told him he was going to call the police. haha! We exchanged information with him, sent our receipt for the bed to his boss and they are suppose to either replace the bed on Monday or cut us a check for its value. I am surprised it has actually gone as smooth, they did tell us because the bed is under warranty we could take that route but lets be honest they aren't going to cover this! So I will keep you posted, but until we have a new bed I am going to assume we are going to get screwed. 

I mean can you even believe it? Who does this happen too?

Tomorrow more people are coming in to do work around the house, they will be here at 8:00am and you know how I feel about that! But because I have to be up early tomorrow I plan to be productive and take some pictures of some new products I am using and would love to share with you! I haven't done that in awhile and its actually something that I really enjoy. A lot of the new products that I try are based on product reviews that I read on blogs that I follow!! 

Hopefully tomorrow we will be mostly done with the things that need to be done around the house (I won't count on it, but lets hope) and then I plan to take pictures of more wonderful things we have added around here! There are some new additions that I am so excited to share with you! We are having the worst luck with throw pillows and such so once I sign off from here I am off to look online and see what I can find! 

I hope you are all having a great week, truth be told its been a chilly one in the South this week! I headed out to check the mail last night around dinner tonight and it was SNOWING! I almost friggin' died! SERIOUSLY! Did I miss the memo that the south now gets winter? I'm not having it! Jason flew out the back door as soon as I told him and was dancing around the back yard in his Tshirt! Loser! It is getting down to 24 tonight and calling for a cool day tomorrow as well. Just my luck. 

I am headed to look for pillows and drink some apple cider! Might as well make the best of the cold weather! I will be back tomorrow bright and early!! 

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