Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some Serious Shopping Was Done!

Good Afternoon All!

Its not very often I make it here on a Football Sunday but I figured what the hell! We have had a busy weekend and the thought of sitting down quietly and writing to you all brought a smile to my face!

So yesterday was a big shopping day if you didn't catch the title of this post! We put a serious dent in our house wish list and let me tell you it felt GREAT! Anything that makes the house feel like home really makes me happy and yesterday we got some STUFF!!

Jason headed out in the morning to Home Depot and Lowe's while I got ready because I wasn't feeling great and therefore slow moving, plus I pretty much hate those stores! I don't mind going every once in awhile but since buying the house I feel like we spend too much time there and I am just over it. I don't want to get in the way of Jason's looking around so if I know he is going there I generally just try and get out of it. He went for this baby...

This Ladies and Gents is the Big Easy Tru-Infrared oil-less turkey fryer! Jason LOVES a good deep fried turkey, and we gave a lot of thought into getting a regular old turkey fryer for Thanksgiving but in the end decided to go a little more high tech. With a turkey fryer you obviously have the whole grease issue, and however much the turkey does not taste greasy in the end you cant help but know how it was cook and what you are eating.. none the less I wouldn't turn it down. Having said that peanut oil isn't cheap either and for us not knowing how much time we will ever spend at the house it seems even more expensive to buy it and then toss it out after one use. We gave it a lot of thought and talked to Jason's dad who has one and assured us it was the same if not better flavor, etc. In the end we got the Big Easy! We are super excited to try it out next week for a trial run before the Thanksgiving Turkey goes in! 

While Jason was at Home Depot he got me a hook contraption for the broom that I wanted to hang in the pantry, I know its silly but I was so excited for this as I have look for one everywhere! That even got put up yesterday.. Awesome! During his outing I got quite a few text asking me about Christmas trees! He sent pictures and we talked prices and in the end when he got home he insisted that we go straight back to Home Depot and look at Trees. Need I remind you its not even Thanksgiving. 

So Jason picked me up and we stopped first at Home Depot, we found the tree that we wanted and guess what.. they were SOLD OUT! I couldn't even believe it!!! Why are people so all over Christmas when Thanksgiving is like the biggest celebration of the year here! At this point Jason was a little antsy and therefore we had to find out where exactly we could get another one and GO! We headed straight to the next closest Home Depot and got this...

Ours is actually all white lights but the exact same tree! 7.5 foot was the biggest I could get Jason to go! They don't actually make anything in between 7.5 and 9 foot which is a shame because our ceilings downstairs are only 9 foot high! I am extremely excited to decide on Christmas decorations and start decorating the house, because everything is apparently selling out Jason and I talked about going to a few places this week and getting a few other things! We will decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over, Jason's rule!

After we secured the tree we headed over to Home Goods to find some throw pillows for the couch! What a pain in the ass that search has been, we just cant seem to find anything that we love! Then when we do they are outrageous expensive ($60+ for 2). We have basically just been going everywhere we can and looking and finding nothing.. we may just have to resort to looking online. Anyways as we walk in the door I almost fell over!! This may seem really silly to all of you but I have been in love with THIS Kitchen Aid roaster FOREVER...

How excited am I for this.. there are no words. I have wanted this thing since months ago when Brianne busted hers out to make a ham and not only is is super pretty but the thing cleans up like a dream. Jason was morbidly against paying $80.00 for it (tight wad) but I just had to have it! Well as we walked through the doors of Home Goods on Saturday there is was, sitting in the front on sale for 50% off!!! Naturally that went right in the cart without question! We didn't get throw pillows but seriously I could have cared less, I got my roaster! I plan to roast everything for the next month! Jason can take back the Big Easy because I've got the real cooker now!! 

You think we would have stopped there and went home, I mean lets be honest what could get any better. But on the way home we made a stop at Best Buy and got THIS

This thing is pretty awesome actually, its a smart TV with 3D capabilities. We went with the 55" however I still think we should have went with the 60"... just saying! I am quite happy about it. Mounting the damn thing today was a hassle and a half today.. I tell ya! This is not a job I was meant to help with, Jason is not an easy person to work with and this was a huge pain in the ass. In the end we decided for the good of our marriage I would no longer help with this type of thing!

We got it up though and in the end I am extremely happy with it! Jason hasn't gotten it all hooked up just yet, I think that might be a project for tomorrow!

Besides that we really haven't done a ton this weekend.. running around and shopping! In the time we were home we were mostly cleaning because the people in and out of here left messes everywhere! Friday night we decided to grill which is always exciting, it was a nice night and so I made kabobs! They were absolutely excellent, Jason (who wont eat any of these veggies) totally missed out! He had a steak... which I felt no need to take a picture of!

So that is our weekend in a nutshell. I rhymed off a nasty email to our building superintendent again this morning, little dick better respond tomorrow or I might lose my shit! Tomorrow morning though I am going to get up regardless and take a bunch of pictures of whats going on around this place and update ya'll! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! If not go out and buy something, it will help I swear!! 

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