Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So.. Funny story!

Good Afternoon All,

So last night we decided to blow off some steam at the gym and something interesting happened. I was in the change room getting my gym shoes on, getting situated and this woman comes in who I see around the gym often but have never spoken to, she apparently wasn't paying attention and put her stuff down on the soaking wet counter. I understand being pissed, I mean whoever used the sink last literally got a TON of water EVERYWHERE and there is just no need for that. This woman however FLIPPED OUT! It was so awkward because it was just her and I in there and I really didn't know what to say, but felt bad not somehow acknowledging her rant. What I found worse that she couldn't just be an adult about it and wipe it up, I mean it was just water. So I get my shoes on and go to use the facilities, when I come out to wash my hands I see something even more interesting then water everywhere.. bullet casings! Trust me it occurred to me to be concerned about the fact that there was shell casings sitting on the counter but I had to laugh that this woman flipped out about the water and never once mentioned the fact that it was a little strange that there was shell casings on the counter. Apparently she went out and complained to the girl at the desk who came in to clean up the water I had already wiped up, and I made a point to mention that those shell casings were a little strange!

Weird things have been going on around here, you probably didn't hear about this (because lets be honest why would you) but as I have mentioned before we are really close to the North Dakota border crossing here, like 20 minutes or less close.. anyways apparently this week an Ontario man tried to cross into Saskatchewan with a pipe bomb, there aren't many details looking at THIS article. I mean how stupid can you be to first have a pipe bomb let alone try and cross the border with it. Ridiculous.

Moving on.. I have a house update! Jason finally spoke to the asshole mortgage broker yesterday and we talked a lot with our builder and we came to a decision we are happy with. We got into action this morning seeings as we will really only be down there a short time during closing and then get back here to pack up and get ready to leave at the end of September. Everything we could set up this morning we did, we are going to try and do as much furniture shopping as we can at the beginning of our trip and hopefully have it delivered by the end of the trip before we leave. I didn't really realize until this morning that we will be there over Labor Day weekend which hopefully wont be too much of an issue when it comes to having things delivered, as we leave September 3rd!

We do have some updated pictures, they have installed all of the cabinets and the crown molding!! Everything looks great. I believe this week they should be working on the exterior natural stone accents, and not sure what else. Today is usually the day we hear from the contractor with details, but nothing yet! However I will share the updated pictures we have!

It really is amazing how quickly things are coming together! I just cant even tell you how I feel about the fact that at the end of the month we are actually going to be in OUR HOME! It is going to be completely finished and ours! Unreal! 

So its been a busy day getting things organized, Jason is exhausted and still at work against my advice as he is extremely sick with a head cold that I fear is slowly making its way to his chest. All the guys have been sick at work and therefore it was inevitable that Jason would catch it, because for some reason he catches absolutely everything! Unfortunately when Jason is sick I somehow end up exhausted as well, as he snores excessively which only happens when he is sick and therefore I cant sleep, and he is overly cranky. 

We have some running around to do tonight, but it looks like they are calling for rain so my sunset drive is held off yet again! No big deal as I really do think Jason needs to get in bed early! 

I hope everyone is having a great week, its already Wednesday!! The week is half over!!

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  1. The cabinets look great Nicole and it all seems to be coming together . Im so excited for you guys !!!!

    I honestly was thinking about that Alaska Picture we bought you and can see it hanging in the house
    Love you

  2. I love this habit you have of , for example, writing asshole and then crossing it out. It's hilarious.

  3. Haha Mom I'm pretty sure that's what Jason is often thinking about too, it is really coming together.. waiting to get an update from Tony for this week, he apparently flaked yesterday! Love you!
    Steve, haha I am trying to be respectful as usually I would fly off at the mouth with no regard but I don't want to offend anyone!