Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hotel Internet Makes Nicole Cranky!

Greetings from the south!!

I know what you're all thinking, I didn't blog yesterday and I'm not even going to make excuses I was absolutely exhausted from zero sleep the night before and travel that I couldn't even eat my dinner! All day I walked around looking like I was high my eyes were so blood shot and by the time dinner rolled around Jason was lucky I didn't crawl under the table and sleep!! We didn't check into the hotel until almost 9:00pm and I just went straight to bed! I'm not sure it would have mattered anyways as the Internet here is apparently shit and therefore I am blogging from my phone!!

So I left off in North Dakota! My insomnia is officially out of hand and I didn't sleep one freaking minute that night, I got out of bed at 5:00am frustrated and figured I might as well take my time and get ready! We headed downstairs for breakfast and they didn't have a lot if options as real breakfast doesn't start until 6:30am! There was basic stuff and more importantly coffee because like Saskatchewan there is oil there and therefore oil workers living in hotels! So I had fruit loops and watched the front desk girl make it clear that she was looking to get laid by any one of the oil workers she encountered! Breakfast and a show!!

After that we headed to the airport right beside the hotel! The airport is seriously the smallest airport ever so we breezed through security and then sat watching the sunrise waiting!

Our flight was fine, short really and we landed in Minneapolis with enough time to grab a much needed Caribou Coffee and get to our gate! As we were perusing airport info packs they called our name to the boarding podium.... I was nervous, I figured we were being bumped or something!! Turns out we were being moved in the plane to different seats... Way better seats!! 

Hello leg room!! We were the first row behind first class and we had nothing but room! Truth be told I froze this entire flight but it was roomy!! Plus I suppose I forgot to mention! While waiting for our flight I noticed this guy wandering around while eating, I assumed he was on our flight and was impressed with his attire of quite nice NFL apparel! As he was getting on the plane I then noticed his TITANS SUPERBOWL RING!! I don't know who he was but I was tempted to make a scene! I probably would have also stalked him after the flight insisting he sign something so I would know who he was without asking and potentially looking like an idiot but I had to pee! Oh well! 

So we landed in Raleigh, we've never been to this airport because we always drive and it is super nice!! We grabbed the shuttle to the car rental place, waited in line for 13 hours and then hit the road! I must note it was a GORGEOUS day in Raleigh! Perfect temperature, just amazing! We headed to get something for lunch before checking out the house! 

Jason was absolutely dead set on getting Quiznos which kills me because we have on in Estevan and never go, so we drive around FOREVER as the two he was sure he knew where they were have been "moved" ... Ok? So we got a sub at subway and headed to the house! 

There's A LOT of work still to be done at the house, more than I expected to be honest, but when Sarah gave us the keys to check it out I was so excited! 

I really didn't want to give it back to Sarah, but I suppose Friday will be here before you know it!

So we left the house and headed to look for a fridge! We started at Home Depot and then off to Lowe's we ended up with a fabulous fridge for $1,000.00 off which is awesome!! We are loving end of summer sales!! Check out this bad boy to be delivered Saturday! 

It's got a ton of cool options inside and it was exactly what we were looking for! One thing down, a million and a half to go!!

At this point it was about 7:45pm so we decided to head to dinner. We went to Chili's because it was close and convenient but truthfully I could have just went to bed!! All day I felt crappy having not slept but at this point I was exhausted! I honestly barely touched my dinner and came back to the hotel and went to bed! I slept like the dead until 10:00am this morning... Much needed!

So we headed out this morning! Jason dropped of me off at Target and went and got his hair cut while I got a much needed Starbucks and dose if reality with kids. Note to self Sunday morning in Target with no coffee and screaming kids cures baby fever! I managed to find towels for our master bath and pick colors for the upstairs spare bath and pick towels and a shower curtain for there, were going back to buy them tomorrow so I will share pictures then!! I'm very happy with our selection!!

After Target we needed to go to the mall, Jason had two watches to be fixed and my rings and earrings needed to be inspected for warranty purposes! We grabbed lunch and started our mattress shopping!! Long story short we bought a BEAUTIFUL Sealy Beauty Rest pillow top king size mattress with cooling technology for a fabulous deal!!! The bed is AMAZINGLY comfortable and we are so excited! Unfortunately that was the extent of our furniture buying today! I can't believe it but were just not finding anything we love! We have a couch possibility which we'll decide on tomorrow as we have a few more places to look, but we have important things so that's all that matters! Our last stop tonight before dinner we got our duvet set which I'm super excited about! I forgot it in the trunk of the car though and being on my phone I'll have to take pictures tomorrow!

My favorite part of another beautiful summer day, dinner! We went to my happy place, my Disney Land, the best restaurant ever!!! Cracker Barrel!!!! No kidding Jason had country ham, meatloaf, chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, corn and Mac and cheese! I had chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cucumber, tomato and onion salad. We had biscuits, corn bread, lemonade and root beer... The most incredible home cooked meal EVER.... $24.00!!!!! Unreal!!! I mean seriously the amount of food was ridiculous and everything was amazing.... $24.00!! I LOVE THE SOUTH!! Plus our waiter was stellar! I wanted to be friends!

So we came back to the hotel for 9:00pm, Jason is snoring beside me and I'm hoping not to be far behind! We are planning to shop more tomorrow and meet with our home inspector at 1:00pm! Hopefully I'll have more news and pictures then!

Again I'm sorry I missed you all yesterday and more sorry I don't have more pictures but we haven't bought anything really! For the pictures I have posted I'm sorry if they're small but I don't know how to edit them in the blogger app, if you do please share!!

Thank you all for stopping in as always, I'm off to fall asleep watching the 49ers whoop Minnesota! So excited for football season!! 


  1. Oh so funny as usual Nicole. Don't be so hard on yourself if you miss a post. House looks fab. Love the fridge. Good luck with rest of shopping.

  2. Thanks Steve! We had much better luck today, feeling very accomplished!! Looking so forward to seeing it all come together!!