Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Morning!

I'm sorry I didn't visit these parts yesterday, truthfully the day just got away from me. I spent a good portion of yesterday trying to track down our damn property manager to give our 30 day notice as we leave tomorrow and wont be back until September third. Go figure I was denied this absolute PLEASURE as she was no where to be found all day! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to blow this pop stand! We have good job and bad jobs and this has by far been the absolute WORST! As previously mentioned our apartment is an absolutely HOLE but to say there was no options here would be the biggest understatement of the century! Regardless we have survived and once I give our notice we leave for 10 days and come back and have less then a month to survive before we head home... for who knows that's questionable but I sure as hell don't plan on coming back here!

Jason worked quite late last night which has happened less on this job then usual, he is trying to get as far ahead in what needs to be done so he doesn't come back to a cluster screw like he usually does. This job has been probably the first project I've ever seen Jason actually hate. Generally he absolutely loves going to work, never complains about the long hours and always finds the good in the adversities. However on this job he is been unusually negative and just outright miserable having to go there which is so out of character. Last night he came home and reminded me that the new Duck Dynasty was on, its set to record.. good thing. Anyways he went into a RANT about how he cant talk to anyone at work about it because NOBODY watches it and NO ONE watches NFL... he was pissed! Being in Canada, especially Saskatchewan they aren't huge NFL fans if at all they are very much into the Canadian Football League. Sad but true (sorry Tanya!).

We watched Duck Dynasty and then Jason decided to pack while I got in bed early to pin and listen to my new play list Jason added to my iPod! I felt tired and thought some quiet time before Jason got in bed and took over my side like he usually does would ensure a good nights rest. Well you want to know something.. I OFFICIALLY HATE NIGHT TIME!!!!! I don't know what the hell has happened but sleep and I are apparently on bad terms and I am officially at a loss on how to fix it! The last time I looked at the clock was 3:59am and that doesn't mean I went to sleep I was just so pissed off I stopped looking. I was still laying awake when Jason's alarm went off and knowing I had to get up and take him to work SUCKED! I have a ton of running around to do today and because tomorrow we will be in a rush when Jason gets off work I had to get my shit done today.. ugh!

I got up, put on some yoga pants, a sweater and my sunglasses and unwillingly headed out the door. It was FREEZING OUT! Tuesday it was 100 degrees and this morning it was 37!!!! People we warming their cars up.. ITS AUGUST!!!!!!!! I got in the truck and cranked the heat and thanked the lord for my seat warmer! Jason refused to stop at Tim Hortons as though his life didn't depend on it and after dropping him off at work it was impossible to speed back into town because the sun was absolutely blinding.. in combination with my exhaustion its a wonder I made it back at all. But I did, EXTRA LARGE coffee in hand!

I've been laying around ever since, drinking coffee and reading blogs.. a great way to spend the morning as far as I'm concerned! I need to get up now and get my ass in gear as I have quite a long list of things to accomplish today! Who knows what time Jason will be off tonight but I'm hoping this afternoon I will get some time to work on some posts for while we're away because I'm pretty sure you will be fine with one blog about furniture shopping and we will most likely spend our first 3 days in Raleigh doing just that!

I absolutely CANNOT wait to leave tomorrow, which is my motivation to get moving! I hope ya'll have a fabulous day! I am going to leave you with this little bit of daily inspiration because I am actually posting in the morning!!

This might just be a contender for my outfit today... I think its warmed up outside...

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  1. Have a terrific trip to your new home and good luck with the shopping.