Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Sickness in it's Prime!

Good Saturday Morning Lovelies!

I don't actually know what it good about it at this moment truth be told.. I woke up this morning with a full blown cold!! WHO GETS A COLD IN THE SUMMER??!?! Obviously Jason gave it to me, this whole marriage, sharing stuff is so over rated! He could have kept this all to himself and I wouldn't have been the least bit upset! I pretty much knew yesterday it was coming as my nose was running like a faucet! I don't know about you but I would rather have the stomach flu than a runny nose, I hate trying to sleep and not being able to breathe... at least with a stomach bug you generally lose a few pounds right? WIN!

Anyways there is also another tell tale sign that I'm sick.. I cry when someone even looks at me. I don't know why but I've always been that way... I just don't deal well with being sick and this time my constant lack of sleep isn't helping. Yesterday I was feeling terrible, I cried watching the Young and the Restless - go ahead judge me, I judge me for that one - we went to the gym and I tried to sweat my cold out, also thinking I would come home and definitely go right to sleep.. NOPE! I don't know what is going on, I on occasion suffer from bouts of insomnia but this time is one of the worst, it feels like its been going on forever and it only gets worse. I was EXHAUSTED last night, my eyes were running like crazy but I just couldn't sleep... at 2:00am I was still laying here looking at the clock.. misery!

This morning I got up to take Jason to work, funny story though. So Jason is wicked cheap and he has had his same alarm clock since high school and although it doesn't work most of the time he REFUSES to buy another one. Sometimes when it goes off it is so quiet he doesn't even here it, sometimes its just static, sometimes it just randomly goes off and this morning it didn't go off at all! I'm not going to lie I was thankful, that extra hour was MUCH needed. I woke up feeling worse, dropped Jason off at work and as I was driving back Randy Houser - Running Out of Moonlight came on the radio and I LOVE that song, so I turned it up and started to sing and then I cried because it reminds me of my brother and I really miss him. Then I got home and made a coffee and got back in bed to watch TV for awhile and noticed I had a few emails from Sarah with house pictures, and I looked at them and cried.. haha.. bawl ass! I can't help it I'm tellin' ya!

Anyways I thought I would stop in and share the house pictures with you, I honestly can't believe we will be there in a week and the house is going to be done and ours. The more I see pictures of it coming together and the more I think about it, it just seems surreal. Jason and I have been talking a lot about all the things that we have to do while we are there and the things we will have to consider when leaving for the month until we are done here and drive back, I keep thinking about how hard it is going to be to leave our brand new home with brand new stuff to come back here for a month, well lets be honest here I'll probably cry!

Here are some of the updated pictures!

The front of the house is almost done, they have finished the natural stone accents but they still need to finish the railing and pillars. We are so happy with the colors we chose and the look. 

This is right inside the front door. The hardwood flooring has been laid so they have covered the floors to prevent damage. 

This is looking from the far side of the dining room through to the living area. 

Downstairs powder room. 

Look from the corner of the dining room beside the sliding glass doors in towards the kitchen and dining area. 

Look from the far side of the living area beside the fire place into the kitchen/ dining area. 

The master bathroom. 

This is the fan in the master bedroom. 

So things are really coming together, I'm super happy with how everything looks and just cant wait to get there and see the final product! 

We don't have anything exciting planned for the weekend, I think I'm going to go out and get all my running around done and then come back and make a tea and read for awhile, maybe nap although I think that is wishful thinking. 

6 days until we leave, YAY! 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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  1. House looks like a beaut. I am sure and Jason will have this place looking so comfy. Comfy is a style you know. Having to go back to Estevan-hell hole will be especially cruel after just being in your new home for a few days. Oh, the blogs you will write then ! :)

    P.S. I really wish more followers jumped in and made comments so we get a discussion going on some of the blogs you work so hard at writing.

  2. It is so exciting to be moving into a new house soon!!! My boyfriend and I are house hunting right now.


  3. Thank Emily we are super excited, sad we will have to leave for a month before actually moving in but none the less a huge blessing!! Where are you and your boyfriend looking? Thanks so much for stopping by, I LOVE comments from new readers! :)