Monday, August 12, 2013

Cheap Therapy!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

My apologies for not being around yesterday but truth be told I needed a day, I needed a day to get out and blow off some steam and just breathe!

I don't deal well with stress, or morons if we're being frank and last week was full of both! On top of all of that I don't really have an outlet here, no friends, no where to go, nothing to do and Jason works all the time. I looked into getting a pedicure and almost fell over when I saw how expensive they are here, unreal. Anyways Saturday night I decided that I would take Jason to work yesterday morning and do a few things in the morning before picking him up early afternoon and we planned to go for an afternoon drive.

I woke up yesterday morning to this...

It was cold and miserable and extremely foggy.. I begged Jason not to go to work, but that wasn't going to happen. Mostly I didn't want to go out in the fog. I hate to admit it but anyone who knows me well know that I am a little bit of a wuss.. I hate scary movies, heights, roller coasters, spiders and fog! I know its stupid but don't you think fog is creepy as hell? I don't know what it is but it scares the crap out of me and the idea of dropping Jason off at work and then driving the winding desolate country roads back to the apartment in the fog was not making my morning. Ugh. I dropped Jason off at work and drove SLOWLY back to the apartment.. as if I was waiting for something to jump out in front of me.. which wasn't totally out of the question.

As the morning went on the fog lifted (thank god!) and I went out and did some groceries and dealt with some house stuff. The grocery store was a MAD HOUSE yesterday! I don't particularly care for grocery shopping to begin with as I always feel like I am in someones way and its uncomfortable but yesterday I was absolutely in everyone's way because they were stocking shelves in every aisle and they only had to registers open, the place was packed.. it was a nightmare, I was so glad to get out of there!

I was really anxious to pick Jason up from work as it was such a BEAUTIFUL day, so perfect for a country road drive. For me there is nothing like getting in the truck, sunglasses on, windows down, music on BUST and just drive. Fast. OK, I shouldn't have crossed that out, I drove FAST and I told Jason so! It was cheap therapy, I felt amazing.. I considered going right past his work and taking my own drive! Nothing like a solo front seat dance party!

I picked up Jason at 1:30pm and we headed west? Either way we headed towards Torquay which is a way we have never been before, what a gorgeous day!

We saw a ton of BEAUTIFUL horses, I tried to convince Jason that we need one and however much he disagreed we did decide that when we are back in North Carolina after this job we will hit up the place we went horse back riding when we were living there and make the most of a day there! I am so excited!

The clouds here never cease to amaze me, they always looks like they are just floating! Its gorgeous!

I'm not sure what these yellow fields are, but I plan to find out and I will let you all know. I believe its canola but I can't be sure! I will ask Tanya, as these are her old stomping grounds (Saskatchewan, not Estevan)... you should check her out HERE, She is new to the blog world so head on over and show her some love! 

After driving forever, smelling the fresh air, singing away we decided to turn around and check out the Rafferty Dam before heading home. We had no idea that there was a huge lake down there where you can fish and a boat launch! We didn't see anyone swimming but there were a ton of boats in the water and people fishing everywhere.

On the way back to the main road we cant across a ton of cows! If I haven't mentioned it before, I LOVE cows! I don't know what it is about them but they are so beautiful and peaceful, minding their own business grazing in the fields. I don't eat them, not just because I don't care for red meat at all but because I truly love cows. It made me sad to see most of them had ear tags which I assume means bad things for their future.

There was so many of them and they were so close to the road in some areas! They were friendly and I wanted to get out and pet them but Jason was against it, they got up to come greet us but Jason wasn't for that either and I didn't want to them to get to close to the road! It was a perfect way to end our drive though.

I don't know what it is but there is something about a country road drive on a beautiful day that makes everything better! I came home feeling totally refreshed and completely ready for Jason to make dinner. I just love Sunday's when Jason doesn't work. We had talked all week about having home made pizza, Jason loves to make it and let me tell you not only will I never turn down Jason making dinner but pizza is pretty much my favorite so I was all for it. We decided to try a different dough than usual and because we weren't sure how it was going to turn out Jason decided to get the dough we usually use as well as a backup, just in case. Once he started cooking he got on a roll and used both dough, which turned into one regular pizza, one deep dish pizza and a little personal pan! He did a great job, he said he can make good pizza because he had a great teacher, my Mom.

After dinner, which was fabulous we headed for some much needed time at the gym before a quiet night at home! I love Sunday's when Jason has the day off and we get to get out and do things. I feel really overwhelmed lately with everything going on with the house stuff and just being lonely here and yesterday was exactly what I needed!

I am counting down the days until we hit the run way for Raleigh!

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  1. You are right! They are Canola. I'll make a prairie girl of you yet! Missing those skies and fields and you lots today!

  2. I miss you too, tons! Hoping you're going to get sent home (selfishly) so you can come visit us! I was thinking about my prairie girl potential over the weekend and I told Jason I was going to write you and suggestion you write a farming 101 blog as I had a million questions about ponds, barns, silo's, farm equipment, etc. Hope you're feeling better today! XO

  3. The pizza made my mouth water ! I wonder if I " dropped by your moms on Friday if I could scam a piece of hers". Best pizza in town but Jason's looks yummy. So you love cows ? Lol.

  4. I love cows too! When we were at one relative's place in England, they had a pasture right across the road with cows. There is a footpath through there which I contemplated taking. I asked our host if the cows would bother me. He just said they could totally outrun me, so he didn't advise taking the path while they were out! You have some gorgeous photos. The fields look amazing. I don't like fog either, but it's because I have no sense of direction when it's clear, so in fog I am totally you can't see any landmarks so it feels like a drive to work takes longer than it actually does! I think Estevan would have been OK for you if you had a friend there...I would be lonely too. And I agree, Jason's pizza looks amazing!

  5. Steve I'm sure if you stopped by you could definitely eat some of Mom's pizza, but truthfully I don't think they have pizza on the Friday's much anymore because they head north. Jason's pizza is really good though, much better then buying it somewhere. Besides we ordered pizza once and Jason picked it up on the way home from work and it was $50 for one pizza, we were SHOCKED! and yes Steve, I absolutely LOVE cows! I always have for some reason!

    Thank you for stopping by "unknown" it means a lot, I love new visitors and comments! I'm glad I'm not alone in my love for cows, I always find when I say that people give me a weird look. It's good to know that it was recommended that you not mingle with the cows, I've been in many situations where I could do so but was always unsure. The fields and the sky here is absolutely amazing, outside the town this place is beautiful... I love when we fly back here and make the drive home around sunset, its just amazing! I agree about the fog, truth be told though I have no sense of direction in the sunlight I just feel like when its foggy I'm an unwillingly participant in a scary movie waiting for something really bad to happen, silly I know!

    Jason will love that everyone things his pizza looks amazing! He insisted I take a picture and post it on here as he was cooking! He was so proud!

    Thanks again everyone for stopping by, I love to chat with readers!!! :)

  6. Well there is nothing like a good cow, specially when it's BBQ'd and on my plate. :) a farmer told me once that his kids would get to know some of the calfs , watch them grow up, see thier different personalities and would get upset when it was time to ship them off to the butcher. Of course some people eat horse meat. That seems far worse to me. I saw horse meat treats for dogs at the pet store the other day. I thought it was disgusting.

  7. That's just terrible to me that someone would eat a horse... I really cant eat cows though, truthfully I've never really liked red meat, I can't tell you the last time we bought ground beef, years definitely! We only ever eat ground turkey!