Saturday, August 10, 2013

World Market LOVE!

Well hello there lovelies.. do I have something exciting to share with you!!

I am going to veer off my little Alaska posts rant because Jason made a pretty big mistake this morning introducing me to my new obsession and I just had to share it with you all! As you know we are due to close on our first home at the end of this month and as we get closer we are really putting a lot more thought into decorating as I have mentioned before. We have so little time this trip that we really have to have an idea on a few things we hope to get this trip before going home for good at the end of September. Jason being the planner that he is has researched all the furniture places in the area and sent me this one this morning...

WORLD MARKET! I don't know how I didn't know about this place! In all of our house planning and Pinterest pinning and talking about decorating ideas I always knew that I wanted things to be authentic, have lots of character, pieces that really represented my our style. We move around all the time and we never put the money or effort into an apartment because we know were not staying, we make it comfortable for the time being... this house is going to be such a different story!

This store has everything from furniture to clothing, candles and vases, carpet and towels.. I want one of everything. Naturally after Jason sent me the link he soon realized he might have made a big mistake! I filled his inbox with my "must haves" and learned that there is a new store a mile from our new house.. FAB! The way I see it we just saved so much time as we can decorate our whole house at this one store... Jason however sees disaster in the making.. fair thought?... Potentially.

Honestly I have a lot of nerves about our upcoming (not happening soon enough) trip to North Carolina, of course I have anxiety about becoming a new home owner, the large amount of money we are soon to part with, going from absolutely not a penny of debt to having a mortgage, signing 6874 pieces of paper... but believe it or now I have more worry about decorating. Jason may be type A personality but when I know what I want I can be stubborn as hell, I have a vision for this house and although I am so thankful we are seeing things more alike then I ever thought we would I am nervous about trying to make quick decisions and realizing down the road we hate something. When we "decorate" an apartment we put the bare minimum and buy things that are cheap but workable because odds are when we move to the next place in less than a year we wont be taking it.

This trip we plan to buy a few things, a fridge, couch and maybe a mattress set until we get back. We are only going to have the house for 3 days before we fly back so we want to have enough stuff in there that when we go home we can live there and then slowly work away at the other stuff. I have a feeling I know where we might get a few little extras! Seriously though, how can you not love a place that represents itself with these words.. "Unique, Authentic and always affordable".. LOVE!

We got a small update this morning from the builder, it looks like the granite is in which I knew would be happening soon but was unaware that it was already in place! The cabinets look great and it appears they are getting ready to pour the driveway and the front porch, have a look!

The portion of the exterior of the house that isn't sided is where the natural stone will be, I'm not sure when they will commence on that front but they seem to be making great headway in the house! I just spoke with Sarah and she told me that the granite is absolutely in, the house has been primed and painted in the color we selected, the trim is all painted. The counter tops in the bathrooms are in and the flooring in the bathrooms and laundry room!

We are still facing issues with our mortgage broker but I keep reminding Jason that although this period of things is frustrating and long the bigger picture is this house and the home we will make there. I am already thinking about Christmas in OUR HOME, the time we will have decorating, the memories we will make there. Truth be told I can't wait to sit on the floor and eat take out the first night its ours!

I was a day off for some reasons in regards to our travel plans, for some reason I was thinking we didn't fly out until Sunday but we fly out first thing Saturday morning. We booked hotels and our rental car last night so we should be ready to go when we get there. It feels like these next two weeks are going to drag on, this is the longest we've gone here without a roll out and I can definitely tell!

I hope you all are having a great weekend, its beautiful weather but definitely chilly here!

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