Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Love!

Truth be told I don't know why I am so in love with Friday's, they aren't that much different from any other day of the week but yet I still look forward to them. Maybe its because Jason works so much generally on a Sunday he MIGHT work a little less which is always a positive thing. Plus on a really good note weekends the gym is never busy which makes me workout much more comfortable and efficient! This weekend being a long weekend in Canada (who knew?) so this whole town is going to be dead!

So where to start first with all the positive things in my week...

First I stayed up quite late into the night last night reading the fabulous book I recently told you about, god bless my little reading light!

I became obsessed with this book in a much different way then I usually become wrapped up in a good book. The story was amazing and extremely sad.. I don't even know how to explain it. This book is captivating in its tale of an extremely unfair and unlawful world this once was. There were parts in this book where I laughed out loud and other parts where I wanted to sit and cry thinking of this awful treatment of innocent people. I highly recommend this book, I have rated it on Good Reads and added other books of its kind to my want to read list! Unfortunately this is the only book by Kathleen Grissom. For those of you who missed the other days post, the book is called: The Kitchen House. 

On another good note I have mastered the art of the smokey eye.. HOORAY! I swear when I find something I like makeup wise I stick to it, never changing what I know and like. When I started really getting into blogs I checked out a variety of different bloggers and blog types and found that at the time everyone was all about Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour cream eye shadows. I decided I would try the one most people were referencing, Barely Branded and I absolutely LOVE IT!

This is something a lot lighter than I would usually wear in regards to eye shadow and I have never tried a cream shadow before but I was very impressed with how long last it is, it doesn't crease or melt off in the extreme heat. I love it! I decided because I loved it so much I might try another color, cue Tough as Taupe and the smokey eye!

This stuff is the perfect shade for a smokey eye, it can go on as heavy or light as you want creating a completely different effect. I personally use my finger tip and rub it on ever so lightly and I couldn't be happier with it! It you are looking for a quick and easy way to create the smokey eye look I highly recommend acquiring this product!

On another fabulous note, the house now has drywall... one more step in the right direction!! We received pictures this morning from the builder, have a look...

The whole first floor as well as the garage is completed and they are just about done the second floor. At this point we do have an official closing date of August 30th, so the other night we booked tickets from Minot, ND to Raleigh, NC which is a little bit of a hassle let me tell you, we have to have a layover in Minnesota both there and back and its way more expensive then I would have thought.. but none the less we are going! We leave on August 24th and arrive back here on September 3rd, doesn't give us a lot of time but we were prepared for that and super excited for the final product!

I'm not going to lie, however I doubt that it will actually happen but I'm really hoping my weekend will at least have one or two of these in it...

Anyways I have officially filled this blog with pictures as I didn't have much to say today because I stayed up all night reading and the cleaning lady in the apartment started vacuuming the hallways at DAWN! Then I had a million text messages on my phone and made the mistake of reading through them at this early hour and start replying and well needless to say I didn't get back to sleep. 

Jason and I have been dealing with some hiccups in regard to house building yet again today so my day has been quite busy. I promise to be back tomorrow with something of more substance, my blog posts this week haven't been all that great, I am aware of that. 

In the meantime I plan to start on my next book, I just pulled it out of the closet.. I bought it for Jason for Christmas last year and although he hasn't read it himself I am hoping to entice him into read more himself by reading it myself.. sneaky I am! Its not generally my kind of book, but we have both been really missing Alaska lately so this is as close as I'm going to get! 

If you're in Canada hope you have fabulous plans for the long weekend and they are starting NOW!

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