Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sleepless in Estevan...

So Jason and I are getting separate beds, or trundle beds.. seriously! Remember that King of Queens episode where Doug and Carrie break their bed and have to wait for their new bed to come in so they set up separate beds in their room and love it probably more than they should? ITS HAPPENING! Last night was TERRIBLE! First of all it was raining so hard that we ended up having to close the windows because everything was getting soaked and because of Jason's irrational fear of lightening he insisted we turn off the air conditioner! If you don't see where I am going with this it was hot as hell in here last night! Not only was the bedroom roasting which I hate it was not as all helped by the fact that Jason has no concepts of sides of the bed... lately it feels like I rarely have enough room to roll over. I love you hun but move the fuck over!

Listen I'm super affectionate but I'm also a creature of habit and come bed time I need my bed, silence and pitch black or sleep isn't happening. It goes as far as I need to be able to roll on my left side for 5 minutes, roll back over to my right and curl up and fall asleep, I do this EVERY night and once I'm asleep I don't move until I wake up again, period. I cannot sleep on my left shoulder still and I have already had to become as accustom as one can to the TV being on at bedtime as Jason claims he needs the TV on to sleep... of course who cares that its a proven fact that TV is a stimulant.. Just sayin'!

So last night its HOT, Jason is on my side and as he is still getting over his cold he is snoring! When I turn the TV off the fan seems to be making some ridiculous loud noise... good lord! I was already beyond exhausted from being up since before 6:00am because of Jason's alarm and not being able to go back to sleep. So I laid there thinking what can I do to fix this situation before I freak the hell out! I decided to nudge Jason NICELY asking him to move over and waking him enough to stop the incessant snowing, I may be tired but I'm a thinker! So I give Jason a little nudge and when he stirs I whispered "Babe can you move over a bit please?" and he shook his head "no" and snuggled in. Screw being cute, I was pissed! I laughed a little in complete shock and shoved him on his own side... tell me no when you're the reason I'm tired and cant sleep... I DON'T THINK SO!

So as I laid there with significantly more room listening to the fan hum, chirp, spit, do whatever it was doing and I remembered Jason coming home the night before and asking what that spraying noise was... I didn't hear anything ( I tell him all the time to use ear plugs at work so his hearing won't get all wonky) then he tells me to listen again. This time I hear something but I didn't know what it was. So last night I go to the washroom and when I come out I heard it again. Truth be told it could be anything in this old war time apartment but as I lay in bed I could only think of one thing...Snake. Laugh if you will but I totally convinced myself a snake was hidden, hold up somewhere in the apartment... add that to the reasons that I will not be getting any sleep. How the hell would a snake get in here anyways? (If you like me at all and care if I ever get any sleep ever again you will realize this is a rhetorical question and not give me suggestions).

I believe the last time I looked at the close was 3:47am, I heard Jason's alarm go off but barely woke up and then first thing this morning, bright and early the hallway cleaning girl starts up the vacuum and leaves it sitting in front of my apartment door (probably not but it sure as hell seemed like it). Sure they can't be bothered to take care of maintenance issues, who cares if your ceiling leaks every time it rains and there are holes in the walls, the hallways carpets are clean and that's obviously what matters. Ugh.

I truly thought I would have slept fabulously last night because I cried before I went to bed and that always makes me sleep.. no not bad ugly faced crying, but happy tears. I'm a loser I know but as I mentioned yesterday Jason and I were excited to watch the season premier of Duck Dynasty! If you don't watch the show I understand, maybe you're against reality TV or think its about a bunch of redneck duck hunters who live in the woods... truth be told its all of those things but on top of that it sends a really great message! The show is very much about the importance of family and their faith, a lot of the episodes often have some sort of hidden valuable messages! Anyways last nights episode (SPOILER ALERT!!! If you have no seen the episode and plan to watch it stop reading now because I'm about to ruin it for you!) was really great, the family planned a wedding for Phil and Kay as many many years prior when they originally married there was no wedding. I don't know why but when they were up there saying their vows as simple as they were I sobbed like a baby! I am a total bawl ass, I fully admit that but at the same time I generally don't get all teary at weddings, I didn't even cry at my own wedding and anyone who knows me would tell you that was a huge shocker! There was just something about their love, the fact that they had really hard times, poor times, times with kids and no money, scary times and yet they made it... here they are almost 50 years late, best friends and wouldn't change a thing... maybe love does conquer all?

Anyways I had a big old blog planned for today with my latest obsession (which trust me none of you will guess) but it's just not going to happen today. Not a big deal, there is always tomorrow.

I will tell you this though, its a week today until we leave to drive to Minot to fly to Raleigh the next morning and the time is CRAWLING! I don't want to make dinners, I want to pack and leave! I am already planning my method of packing when we get back for when we leave for good! Being here I miss a lot of things about real life.. such as:

1. Starbucks - I really want a real coffee, a green tea frappuccino!! I said I would never do a job where there was no Starbucks, everyday here I am well aware as to why.

2. Target -  I miss Target!! Obviously we don't have Target here and Target in Canada just isn't the same anyways as I went when we were in Toronto and they don't Archer Farms or great prices! We have Walmart and that OBVIOUSLY doesn't even come close to comparing, they barely even restock the shelves monthly! (However I got another great book on sale at Walmart for 40% off.. SCORE!).

3. The Mountains - I follow Alyeska resort on Instagram and friends that we have from Alaska who are always posting pictures of the beautiful mountains. When we lived there everyday I would remind myself to look at the mountains and not take them being there for granted because one day we would leave and I would miss them, I didn't really think it would be this much. Although the scenery here is beautiful in a completely different way, I often miss the mountains

4. I miss Jason working less and him making meals too. I try new recipes and change up dinners but eventually I get sick of my own cooking. We never go out here and Jason works all the time and I'm sick of dinners, I can't think of anything to make... I'm trying to eat super clean and Jason hates vegetables so I always feel like I am making two meals, I'm over it.

5. In suite laundry. Although I absolutely LOVED our apartment in NYC and just being there in general I said after that job I would never live in an apartment again that didn't have in suite laundry! It's such an inconvenience, I mean when you have your own you can throw stuff in and run out and do stuff not having to worry that someone might steel your goods or take them out and throw them on the floor because you didn't get back the second the machine turned off to remove it so they could use it. Plus when its not in suite you obviously have to pay for it, in our case outrageous amounts. Bullshit.

6. North Carolina. Enough said.

So that's it for me, I'm tired and miserable. I've drank more coffee today then one should probably consume and the one I have on the go is getting cold so I need to go make a new one! I plan to go to the gym tonight and make sure I will sleep tonight!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I will leave you with my Throwback Thursday from Instagram, if you haven't already hit the link on my social media set and follow me!

New Years Eve, Time Square NYC, Great night with GREAT friends!

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