Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Pictures... Finally!

Well it's been a long day, Jason's alarm woke me this morning and that was it I couldn't get back to sleep! Not a big deal as I had stuff to do but none the less I am not a morning person and getting up before 6:00am never appeals to me.

I don't have a lot to say today, and Jason is freaking at me now because I am on the computer and its thundering and lightening out.. its not even plugged in. Apparently last week some guy at work was driving in a lightening storm and his car got hit and all his tires blew and Jason says "his brain is a little fried" I think hes full of shit but overall hes terrified of lightening and its hilarious. I love a good storm and I swear whenever one hits Jason runs to shut everything off and close the blinds! Growing up if there was a good storm we would sit out on the front porch and enjoy it!! Oh Jason!

Anyways before I get "fried" I will share the family pictures we FINALLY got back! I tell ya, there are definitely pictures I like but I am not at all pleased with this woman's professionalism. Before ending our session she told us that she was going to try really hard to get us our pictures the next day knowing Jason and I would be leaving that night, I really appreciated the gesture but I didn't really expect it to happen. But then she went MIA for over a week and then went on vacation out of the country and wouldn't answer any inquiring messages - ridiculous! Overall I really wish she would have given more direction with the pictures, as well I feel like there are definitely pictures where someones hair is ridiculous or people aren't smiling and there are a few of Jason and I that the whole idea is off because every single picture in that area the sun is in our eyes or something! Regardless we had a great day and there are some great pictures! Check them out!

OK, so I shared more than I had intended and truth be told once I uploaded them I took a bunch out! Good news is I've been screwing around here for a good 15 minutes now and I haven't succumb to a tragic death by lightening.. SUCCESS!

No more house updates as Sarah is off Wednesday and Thursday, so no updates on that front! I do have something interesting planned for tomorrow though so drop by and check it out!

Hope you all had a great day and plan on or have already watched the season premier of Duck Dynasty! For those of you that are rolling your eyes right now, COME ON! That show is absolutely HILARIOUS! I am far as you can get from a redneck (no kidding though, I'm sitting here in a plaid flannel shirt as we speak... but its a cool plaid flannel shirt, its from Eddie Bauer) but I absolutely LOVE that show, Jason and I watch all the time and just laugh so hard the whole time! If you're not watching or don't plan on it, its fine.. we can still be friends.. I just don't want to talk about it!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Nicole. The lightening story is a hoot. Reminds me of my Mother who had a desperate fear of it and would huddle with us kids in the basementbtillmit passed.

    As for Duck Dynasty, I have never seen it but I was in a store recently and some DD clothing, so I figured it must be popular. We will check it out for sure.

    See ya tomorrow. On line of course. :)

  2. I love the pictures! I think the photographer did a good job! I know you weren't pleased with the wait, but at least now you have them! You and Jason make an adorable couple! Russ & I love a good storm too! When he was little, I'd sometimes wake him up & we'd go sit in the garage. And yes, I'm not much for reality TV (or any TV really), so I've never seen DD. I can't even promise I'll try. I do know a couple of ppl who LOVE it.

  3. Steve, Definitely check out Duck Dynasty, I think you might actually like it!
    Cathy - You keep posting under "unknown" haha it always takes me a minute to know who it is! I wasn't pleased with the wait from the photographer, I'm not patient and the lack of communication really bothered me. On her part from a professional standpoint I think it was extremely irresponsible to set an expectation and then disappear for 3 weeks and not respond to any form of communication, but regardless we have them and I definitely have some favorites!
    That's such a great memory for you and Russ, there really is something about a good storm... apparently not to Jason though. haha!