Friday, August 9, 2013

Do I Feel a Theme of Posts Coming? I Think So!

Well I may have started something with yesterdays post! After writing it and posting it I found myself wanting to go back and look at the pictures and relive that day.. it was such a great day! Then when Jason got home from work all snot filled and gross I felt the need to tell him all about it and show him the pictures I chose as he loves Alaska and talks about it all the time. He made a good point, that we did so many great things there worth talking about it I should have dedicated a week to our great Alaskan adventures, which is a great idea.. however I started it on a Thursday.. fail! But screw it, this is my blog, I can do whatever I want.. so here is another GREAT Alaskan adventure.

Truthfully this is one of my favorite places we visited in Alaska, the gentlemen I worked with Carl highly recommended we visit Eklutna Lake, especially in the fall when the moose are our in full force! We unfortunately didn't make it there through fall but went there one winter morning and although cold it was magical and peaceful in more ways than I can put into words, much like my favorite place in Alaska which you will hear about tomorrow maybe!

So we woke up one chilly Sunday morning and decided to head to Eklutna Lake, it was snowing light but you know what they say about Anchorage, if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes! I was super excited to go as this was actually my suggestion and it was generally Jason who picked a placed researched it until it was like he lived there his whole life and then we would go (love his Type A plan everything personality!).

The road up to the lake was super slick and icy, we drove slowly anticipating moose and other wildlife and knowing if that happened there would be no way we would be able to stop. The further along we got the fog really started to set in, you really couldn't see all that far ahead of you and I feared what we would actually be able to see once we got out of the truck... I was in no way prepared for the beauty...

When we got out of the truck we walked towards the lake and there was a bunch of cool little buildings, that were just covered in ICE.. it was QUITE chilly that day! Along the way there were little creeks and rivers, completely frozen over, it was pretty amazing!

I know the color of the photos look blue, this is not due to a setting I was using on my camera.. this is exactly what it looked like outside.

I would love to detail every single picture I am about to post but I feel like they need no words...

I really love to take pictures and have a really great camera, but these pictures are strictly scenery! I took full advantage of the fog and the beauty it brought to this amazingly serene place. While I was down at the lake Jason ran back to the truck to get something and ran into Josh and his friend who were also there to enjoy this amazing place. Jason stood and chatted with them and I took a million pictures.. this is indeed a very small portion of the beauty that was captured that day! 

Having never been there we didn't actually know what we were missing because of the fog, but as it started to lift we were amazed! The lake was calm and looked like glass, we were surrounded by mountains, it was amazing. 

This place was just amazing, it was absolutely silent there... you just felt this feeling of peace and serenity. If it wasn't so terribly cold I could have sat there all day just enjoying the view of the lake and the mountains, it doesn't really get much better than that... however if we attempted it we would have gotten hypothermia and died, no doubt. 

Before we left we got some really great shots, when the house is finished one of these photos will absolutely be blown up and put in there somewhere. This was one of my best picture taking days, the elements and beauty of Alaska never ceased to astonish me!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and got a sense of what it was like to be there that day.. the amazing beauty. These however are my personal pictures and I would greatly appreciate if they were not taken from this site. Thank you!!

This blog didn't have a lot of written content, for that I apologize... but I really didn't think it needed it and didn't want to take away from the pictures. Truth be told on top of that I don't have a lot of words today, this house buying process is taking a lot out of Jason and I as we seem to be working with morons and nothing is going as it should... not overly impressed. Jason is still sick and going to bed early so I have been trying to take advantage of the quiet time at night and get into a good book and unwind before going to bed. Its not working. I was in bed last night about 12:45am and was still awake at 3:00am.. so frustrating. I cannot wait until this house building process is over and we don't have to worry about all this crap anymore! Two weeks from tomorrow we leave here to drive to Minot, and the next morning we will fly to Raleigh for closing... CAN'T WAIT!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, Jason is working all weekend but we are planning a drive around the Prairies so hopefully I will have some new more up to date pictures to share with you!

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  1. Totally gorgeous scenery. Your pictures do a good job of conveying this. Hope Jason feels better soon, NFL is soon upon us and he needs all his strength to watch our beloved Patriots kick other teams asses all over the field. Specially the steelers with that fat heavy breather Ben at the helm! :)

  2. Oh Steve! This comment made his day! He told me he absolutely HAD to send it to my mother! I'm sure I will hear about it all day! Did you watch the Patriots at the Eagles last night? It was a good game! Patriots have so many new players! I think I need a Tebow jersey! ;)

  3. Gorgeous photos! You hear about the extreme cold looking 'blue' and I think you captured it! I also see you figured out Picasa or some other photo editing software! Good for you!! I also hope Jason feels better soon (nothing like a sick whining man to make us miserable too)!

  4. Thanks Cathy (I assume? you posted under "unknown)! I didn't actually use Picasa I generally use a few online editors so I just used one of those until I had time to figure the other out! You should check it out!