Monday, February 2, 2015



Did y'all watch the Superbowl? If not you missed out and your life will never be the same! I am a Patriots fan so that may make me a little biased.

Yesterday seemed so long, Jason and I went out to the store in the morning and got a few things, Jason insisted we finally take down the Christmas tree and I begrudgingly agreed! Mostly we were trying to pass the day waiting for the game. Jason made a ton of snacks, wings, buffalo chicken dip, a huge pot of chili (that we never got to and will be having for dinner tonight) and so on. We decided to stay home and watch the game because Jason didn't want to be around a bunch of negative nelly's while the game was going on.

I have to say not only did I want the Patriots to win because they are my team but I wanted to see them beat those arrogant Seattle bastards so bad! I will say if you are a Seattle fan you should probably just stop reading right now because that is about the nicest thing I will say about them! I feel the Seattle players are all nasty and arrogant and they are the LAST people I wanted to see win! However they brought their defense and screwed the Patriots run game, it was small play after small play and at the end of the game I felt if we didn't make a major play we may not be walking away champs. Welcome into the picture MALCOM BUTLER!!!!!! ROOKIE!!!!!! FIRST CAREER INTERCEPTION!!!!! No kidding Jason and I flew off the couch SCREAMING! Although the interception was exactly what we needed they had to get the ball out of the end zone without interception preventing a safety and field goal by Seattle and due to a penalty on Seattle's part they did it! AMAZING!!!!!!

The game was awesome, I would have loved to see it be a blowout to save myself some gray hair but whatever, WE WON!!! We will be purchasing some Superbowl winners apparel this week let me tell you!!!

I'm not sure what is better, Sherman's face above when the interception happened or Brady's jumping up and down with excitement! I seriously hate that guy and his big mouth! What do you have to say now buddy?


It is an absolutely MISERABLE day here today, I know you are all getting a lot of snow but we are getting a huge wintery mix. This morning around 2am the wind was blowing like crazy and it was snowing, a straight up blizzard was happening outside. When Jason went to work around 6am it was pouring rain which has since turned to freezing rain and we are looking to get a whole bunch of that sadly. Its going to be quite a miserable day, and tomorrow isn't looking to be much better. 

I also wanted to apologize for my absence last week Thursday and Friday, for some reason I had the most terrible headache and there was nothing I could do to get rid of it! Sitting on the computer just made it worse, truth be told Thursday it felt like everything made it worse. So I missed High Five for Friday but that will commence this coming Friday!!

There really isn't much more going on to report, what better news could you possibly need besides the Patriots winning the Superbowl anyways?

Have a great week! I know I will!! Stay warm and safe, if you don't need to go out, just don't! Its not worth it!! 

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