Thursday, February 5, 2015

Danger Stalks the Land, Alaskan Tales of Death & Survival by Larry Kanuit: Book Review

Hi Guys!

So as you can tell yet ANOTHER book review but its totally different than the ones I have been recently posting. I have been on a reading tangent as you all know but I was looking for something a little different and I really didn't have anything on my Nook that was sparking my interest so I grabbed what was on the shelf.

While we were in Alaska Jason finally started reading which made my heart swoon. I love to read and always have, so do my parents so I never understand when people say that they don't read. I know Jason reads a lot at work but its just not the same, I tried for years and got no where and then when we were in Alaska he was so into everything Alaska (and still is) that I bought him a bunch of Alaska books and he would read every night in bed. I have continued to buy Alaska books every Christmas in hopes that his reading will continue. It has sadly trailed off in the last year but I always make sure there are Alaska books around and on hand so if the mood ever strikes he will have no excuses. The mood hasn't been right apparently and the books were looking neglected so I decided to read it.

I need to disclose though a small fun fact before I continue.. since I started reading this book I kept thinking it sounded familiar and I may have already read it. I asked Jason if he remembered me reading it and he said I probably did but he wasn't 100%. Generally I go through so many books he has no idea what I am reading. So I read along anyways almost sure that I had read it once before and when I went to log it into my 'read' section on Good Reads I discovered I have indeed read it, August 2013 I believe. HA!

None the less I thought I would stop in and share it with you anyways!!

If you are all interested in outdoor adventures, this book may be for you. The author is actually a friend of a guy I worked with in Alaska which is how I came to purchase the book in the first place and it is extremely well written. The book is a series of short stories written by Larry but told through most often the survivors! 

Here is the synopsis taken directly from which you can also view HERE

Alaska is like no other state and few countries; men experience greater risk in her arms. This one-of-a-kind anthology captures the spine tingling adventures of daring men and women who venture into Alaska's vast wilderness and look death in the eye. Danger Stalks the Land relates gripping episodes of animal attacks, avalanches, aircraft disasters, fishing, hunting, and skiing accidents, and chronicles risky climbs and reckless mountaineering amid Alaska's fantastic peaks. Through exhaustive research and interviews, author Larry Kaniut has captured in one volume, the terror and beauty of man's attempt to explore a vast and unforgiving land.

Having lived in Alaska I know first hand how unforgiving the conditions can be and that the risks of taking a walk there are far different from living in a city. Jason and I had the most amazing adventures in our 15 months in Alaska, we saw countless moose.. in our front yard most often, truth be told I actually really miss that. We saw bears, once a grizzly bear from about 15 feet away, things that you couldn't even imagine, living in Alaska truly was an unimaginable experience and I enjoy reading about it now and relating things to our own experiences.

These stories range from plane crash stories, bear encounters, the dangers of gun, being lost in the woods and so on. The range over MANY MANY years and all over the state. I enjoyed the book the first time I'm sure, don't take my not remembering it as a reflection on the book! I enjoyed it this time too!

This book isn't for everyone, in fact its probably for a certain type of person only but if you have an interest in Alaska, the outdoors or stories of survival I think you would really enjoy this!

I think I might read another Alaska book after this because its sitting on the shelf, so stay tuned for that!

I hope you guys are having a great week and staying warm, its been extremely cold here so the snow isn't going anywhere that's for sure. Oh winter.. I really don't like you!

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