Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Got Nothin'...

Hi guys,

Well I have been wanting to blog about my February Birchbox but apparently someone is holding it hostage somewhere because I have yet to get it. This does not make me happy.

I cant wait to tell you all about yesterday at the live taping of Live with Kelly & Michael but I haven't gone through all my pictures yet, but I have to tell you to watch tomorrow morning as well because they also taped the beginning of Friday's show while we were there and the guy sitting beside Tanya won the daily prize so we will definitely be on the show!!!! I was excited when we learned they were going to tape part of another show because I was dying to find out who the other celebrity was going to be. It was Dale Earnhardt Jr, how disappointed was I? Either way it was an amazing experience that I promise to share next week!

Tanya and I did some running around today, I am on the hunt for some boots (not winter, screw that) and although Macy's is having a HUGE sale of 50% off tons of boots, and I swear I mean tons if you are looking for boots check it out.. but I have my heart set on other ones they didn't have so I just ordered them online. We managed to make it to Target as well and then home before the sky turned black and released a fury of snow and winds.. good lord!

I have some tidying to do around the apartment, we are having leftovers for dinner tonight which I am not a huge fan of but for some reason the fridge is full so what other choice does a girl have?

That's really all I've got today guys, I thought I would have hit the pillow last night and slept like the dead because I was up at 4:30am to get ready to meet Tanya yesterday morning but I didn't sleep great and so basically I was lazy today and didn't plan a post. Shit happens. I also haven't read anything in a couple of days which is terrible, I was on a war book kick which I still am but haven't found anything striking my fancy anywhere around here that I can buy books so I might have to resort to shopping online, which I don't hate.

Alright I am going to make a tea and get a few things done around here before Jason gets home. I'm sorry today's post sucks, but at least I bothered to show up, that's something isn't it? I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Thank you as always for stopping by!

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