Friday, February 13, 2015

High Five for Friday 2.13.15

Happy Freezing Friday!!

Guys it is FREAKIN' COLD here today and its suppose to be all weekend. I just want winter to go away, is that too much to ask?? I am so over jackets, boots, cold and everything else winter related! This is why we bought a house in a warm climate... remind me again why we aren't living there? Winter makes me homesick.


Here we are and its officially Friday, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and this week has been a pretty good one!! Wanna chat about it?

1. Live with Kelly & Michael 

Wednesday Tanya and I went to a live taping of the Live with Kelly & Michael show, it was FANTASTIC! I plan to write a whole post about it next week with pictures but I had to mention it today because it was definitely the highlight of my week! We had such a great time, and although I watch the show every morning I was actually shocked at how different things look there then they do on TV, but more on that next week!

2. Sale at Kohl's

I love Kohl's!!! We have one by our house that I frequent and how excited was I when we came here to find there was one in the mall across the street. I cant tell you the countless amazing deals I have gotten at Kohl's over the years and this week was no exception. You are suppose to replace your pillows every years (didn't know?) and Jason is really fussy about pillows and has been talking about wanting new ones for our bedroom at home. I was wandering around at Kohl's this week and came across Chap's pillows (king size) for 80% off! They were $9.99, so naturally I was already getting two. I then realized I have a 15% off coupon on my phone as well, score! I went to the cash and ended up paying $17 and change for the pillows and on my receipt it showed my total savings was $83.00!!! $83.00!!! TOO GOOD!!!! I love a good sale, and LOVE the new pillows. 

3. Breakfast Parfaits

I've never been much of a breakfast person, I know that it is the most important meal of the day but I have never bothered much with it. I assume part of this is because I absolutely despise eggs! Going to the gym every morning I find that I am really hungry in the mornings, also with lighter dinners and no after dinner snacking. So I have been absolutely LOVING breakfast yogurt parfaits. The nice thing is you can change the up everyday if you want and use whatever you want. I use Greek yogurt, flavor varies, fresh fruit and a little granola. I've been using the Bear Naked Granola and I really love it, they have a ton of flavors to check out and they are super reasonably priced. I'm so thoroughly enjoying breakfast these days, healthy and filling! Sorry I didn't take a picture. 

4. Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai

I'm generally a Starbucks kind of girl, obviously... but the thing is sometimes I get bored of the same drinks and need a change. I actually haven't had Starbucks in a dogs age but last week while I was at the mall I grabbed a Dunkin Donuts Raspberry White Chocolate latte for a change and it was amazing. So yesterday I was telling Tanya about it while we were at the mall she wisely had to have one and I grabbed an oldie but a goody, the vanilla chai. I don't generally drink these unless we are in Maine because there is legit nothing around Jason's parents town but a Dunkin Donuts (40 minutes away), so while driving through I would stock up on a few. They are sooooo good! They oddly only come in one size, I'm not exactly sure why but I think they might become my new go to!

5. My February Birchbox!

I was seriously under the impression that someone was holding my Birchbox hostage because as of yesterday I still hadn't gotten it. So when I received an email last night saying they had a package for me I went running. I LOVE my Birchbox subscription as you know and although I will have a post on it next week I thought I would share a sneak peek with you right now, because lets be honest.. you've been wondering! 

Naturally it would turn itself around. Ugh. 

So that's my week guys, winter has really put a damper on any kind of adventures or anything because basically its just too darn cold out. 

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and Happy Valentine's Day! If you have anything planned make sure to dress warm because this weekend is suppose to be the coldest around here that its been in 2 decades! Naturally we are here for this because the bad weather follows us! 

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  1. What an awesome week! I read your Kelly & Michael post too, and looks like it was such a fun time! I'm sure seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff was really awesome. And what an amazing deal on pillows! I love a fresh set of pillows, but we definitely don't change them every year :) Need to be better about that! Thanks for linking up with us again at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Thanks for stopping by Katie, I must say I am enjoying High Five for Friday so much more with you ladies hosting, you make it so much more personalized and welcoming!! Michael and Kelly was a fantastic experience, and the pillows were a great deal! You can never have too many pillows I suppose!! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it. Have a great week!!