Monday, February 16, 2015

February Birchbox

Good Morning,

So as you know last week I was anxiously awaiting my Birchbox, I generally get mine a few days before Tanya so when she got hers a week ago I was wondering where the heck mine was and who was holding it hostage. I was pretty excited when it showed up last week looking ever so snazzy! Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the box, but it was super nice!

Anyways lets not ramble, lets jump in and see what was in there.. because it was all good stuff.

If you get a Birchbox, or if you don't you can follow them on instagram and they give sneak peeks which doesn't necessarily mean you are going to get everything they show but a few things yes. I was really excited by this months sneak peek because I actually needed a lot of what they were showing!

Looks good doesn't it?

Marcelle Gentle Eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes. Tanya loves this stuff so I was anxious to try it. I got the Body Shop Camomile gentle eye make up remover for Christmas and sadly although it says gentle it tends to bother my eyes. I use it because of course I don't want to waste it but I know that I wouldn't repurchase it. As soon as I finished that one I will be anxious to try this baby. 

Coola Face SPF 30 Unscented matte tint Sun block. I will honestly say that I have never used a sun block specifically for my face nor do I generally put sun block on my face. I know, gasp, freak out.. I decided I would do it this year before I even got this stuff. But lets be honest most sun block is greasy and gross and that is the last thing you want on your face! None the less Tanya has received this before and said its great, so if we ever get nice weather than I will be really excited to use it! 

Camille Beckham Platinume Gold Imperial Hand Therapy. This product is also really useful as I keep all these little hand lotions on my night table and use them before I go to bed. You can never have too many hand lotions, especially in the winter!! This one has a super fresh scent and I cannot wait to use it! 

Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Perfume. Scented with candied apple, white petals and cashmere wood.. this is my scent guys! I love getting this little sample perfumes, they are fantastic for travel, I love being able to try new scents before purchasing a large bottle, they are absolutely fantastic to throw in your purse! I am always really excited to see these in my monthly box. 

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Last Mascara in black. Lately I have had a bad run with mascara, the CK One mascara I received as a gift from Ulta for my birthday turned out to be AWFUL, it did nothing for my lashes expect make them clump, it did not apply nicely and it was a bitch to get off. So I opened up my steel from Bed Bath and Beyond, I forget the exact name of it but it is Maybelline and was on sale for $2.00 and if you wear mascara you know that's just plain crazy! Well I opened it up when the Calvin Klein one was a bust and it too SUCKS! The brush is really weird and I cant seem to get a good coat on my lashes. Ugh. So having used up all my other sample mascaras from months past I was so excited to get this mascara and let me tell you guys, I have used it already and LOVE IT! I hate to fall in love with a mascara that retails full size for $24.00 but hey, a girl knows what she likes! This stuff is FANTASTIC which is not surprising from Benefit but I didn't think I would love it this much.

So that was it for this month, I am always hoping for a beauty blender in my box but I have no complaints about this months contents. The best case scenario is that everything you receive you love, and I won't know that until I use everything but for me I feel really good about opening my box every month and knowing that I will use everything I receive. 

As always I will write up a review of all the products I have received once I have used them all, I have a good feeling about all of this stuff. I have to tell you once again, if you don't receive some kind of monthly subscription like Birchbox, Luxebox, Boxy Charm, Ipsy Bag.. etc. then you are MISSING OUT!!! There are so many options out there, I highly recommend getting one. Its like Christmas every single month!!! 

I hope you guys are having a great day, thank you as always for stopping by!!

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