Friday, February 27, 2015

High Five for Friday 2.27.15

Good Morning,

Another week has passed which means we are one week closer to going home and let me tell you guys the count down is on, I feel like as the days pass my home sickness gets worse and worse. Not because they are having such fantastic weather at home, because they got a ton of snow yesterday but because I want to be at home. Having said that the weather here hasn't been all that fantastic, as one would expect during winter.

So what good things happened this week? Lets chat about them shall we?

1. Sunday's Rare Weather

Sunday the weather was absolutely AMAZING! They were calling for it to be warm but when it actually almost reached 50 I couldn't have been happier! Jason and I got up in the morning and I made my way over to the mall to do some birthday shopping and basically just get out of the apartment and enjoy the weather! Jason ended up meeting me there as he generally doesn't care to shop with me, we got a Starbucks and went for a walk by the water. It was just such a gorgeous day and the weather was what we wait for after every winter! I wish it could have lasted.

Who knew the Hudson even froze? Apparently its quite rare!

2. Sunday Afternoon

It may be a little cliche but Jason only has Sunday's off and I really look forward to our one day together. When we got back from our outing we laid around the apartment in our sweats and Jason made an amazing dinner. Naturally I cook dinner all week but Jason likes to cook and is really good at it. I know its nothing special, a day at home but with Jason's work schedule we really don't get a lot of time together and so I love those days. Dinner was amazing, I didn't have to watch the Daytona 500 and basically it was perfect! Sorry to all you NASCAR fans.. I just can't.

3. Rachael Ray Swag

As I mentioned in yesterdays post Tanya and I went to a taping of the Rachael Ray show on Wednesday and we were so fortunate to get a bunch of treats from the show! I haven't used them yet but I definitely plan to.

4. Target Patio Furniture!

Target has their patio furniture out and what does that mean... THE END IS NEAR!!!!!! Summer is coming! Good luck prying me out of the South next winter, I swear it will be kicking and screaming. I was so excited to see patio furniture, Barbecues and lanterns! I cannot wait for hot weather!!

5. Subway

No, not the one you ride on. Last night Jason and I went over to the mall because we had a few things we wanted to look at and decided we would grab dinner there. I was more than fine with this on account that I have been dying for a Subway sandwich. Weird I know but when we travel majority of the time we grab Subway to eat in the truck and I love it. Sadly we haven't done much traveling lately and there isn't a convenient Subway stop on the way back here from our house so I don't know the last time we had it. Jason ended up getting something he didn't like at all which sucked by my sub was exactly what I had hoped it would be and that is always amazing. Sometimes you just need a Subway sandwich guys!

I hope you guys had a great week, next week the weather is looking to warm up significantly and I cant tell you how thrilled I am about that! One day is actually suppose to be 50 and right about now that sounds heavenly! Have a great weekend!!!

As always thank you so much for stopping by!!

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  1. When are you heading south? For Easter?

    1. Last weekend in March!!! Counting down the days!!! Should be quite warm there by then too hopefully!!

  2. So glad you had such a nice relaxing Sunday last week! Hopefully the tradition is continuing today. And I love when the patio furniture pops up too. Makes me smile :) Thanks for linking up again with us at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea