Friday, February 20, 2015

High Five for Friday 2.20.15

Good Morning!!!

Its even colder today... go freakin' figure!! I may choose to venture out somewhere CLOSE so I don't freeze to death but I am making no promises! Guys its been so cold that Niagara Falls has frozen, see HERE.

Anyways I could rant away about the weather as you know but we aren't here to talk about that, we are here to talk about the highlights of my week, so lets just dive in!!

1. The Brownstone Diner for Sunday Breakfast!

Sunday morning Jason and I braved the frigid weather and RIDICULOUS wind to wander over to the Brownstone Diner for breakfast. Everyone has raved about it for quite some time now and sadly we have not made it there until this weekend. I generally don't care to go out for breakfast as I don't really like much for breakfast food, but I have been wanting a big ol' fluffy waffle for quite some time. We went over and waited about a half hour for a table, but the food was fantastic! I had basically an apple pie waffle and it was too good! Jason had french toast, an omelet, home fries.. haha.

2. Reading in bed with my love. 

I love to read, no secret there. I pretty much read all the time, but I enjoy getting in bed and ending my night with some reading. I won't like it never ends up being 20 minutes just to settle my mind before going to sleep and I often find myself with a little book light still going at 2:00am. Anyways Jason always thought it was so weird how into books I got, typical nonreader. But when we were in Alaska he loved the state and everything about it so much that I bought him a bunch of Alaska books and he would actually read in bed at night. Sadly he trailed off of it, but recently I borrowed some books from Tanya and one of them was of an Alaska show that we LOVED, but in book form and Jason literally comes home at night from work excited to get in bed and read. I cant recommend the book of DVD's enough, if you are interested you can check them out HERE. Anyways, I quite enjoy getting in bed at night and both of us lay there reading.. it makes my heart smile. 

3. I got new boots!! 

I have been needing a pair of plain flat black boots for quite sometime now and I am serious about the need part, every girl should have a pair of casual shoes and in the last 6 months there are countless times where I wished I had some. So for Valentine's day Jason suggested a good gift would be my boots! I knew the ones I wanted because I saw them at home last year and wished I had bought them ever since. I was pretty excited when they arrived this week but again I second guessed myself if they were PERFECT. Tanya and I went into the city boot shopping once more to make sure and although I found a pair of brown boots that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, I decided to keep these one. I am really happy with them. 

I don't usually wear my shoes on the carpet but they are new, and I had to take a picture of you guys. 

Did you see my blog post on Wednesday about the Chicken Pot Pies I made? If not click HERE to check it out. I was skeptical about trying this new recipe and it turned out better than I could have expected which is always a nice surprise and makes the dinner all that much better! Its a quick and easy meals and actually reheats the next day really well, I highly recommend giving it a try, I mean seriously... look how good it looks!

5. TV Show Madness!!!

As you know Tanya and I went to a taping of Live with Michael and Kelly, and truth be told I don't know why we never tried to attend tapings when we lived here 4 years ago or so far living here this time. We had such a great time at Michael and Kelly we talked about trying to get tickets to other shows. Well this week Tanya got us tickets to Rachel Ray next Wednesday which I am so thrilled about and The Chew on her birthday (March 5th!) we are sooooo excited!!! Michael and Kelly was such a great experience I cannot wait to see both these shows filmed live!! Stay tuned for a blog post on each!!

I hope you guys have had a great week, its definitely been a frigid one. We are suppose to get a bunch of snow tomorrow (I say a bunch but any snow to me is too much) and then Sunday the temperature is suppose to rise significantly but its suppose to rain all day so I don't think my weekend will be overly exciting. 

Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Visiting from the link up! Friends of mine scored tickets to Live a few years back when they were in NY, they really lucked out and were there during the co-host search, they got to see Kelly with Neil Patrick Harris! They still talk about how much fun it was and if I ever visit NY going to show tapings is definitely something I want to do!

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks so much for stopping by! :) I highly recommend checking out a taping of a show if you are in NYC, thus far I have only been to one but it was a great experience and I cant wait to attend the others! All tickets are free so make sure you look in advance to get a spot!!

  2. I tried your mini chicken pot pies last night. They were GREAT ! Thanks

    1. Oh good I'm so glad you tried them!! It really is a super easy and hearty meal, they reheat fabulously and I am sure you could even freeze them!! Xo

  3. I've always wanted to go to a taping of a live show! It sounds like so much fun! And I love to read, but my hubby hates books, so sometimes I'll curl up with a book while he catches up on the internet. Either way, it's nice to just relax and be close to each other. LOVE your boots!

    Thanks for linking up with us at H54F:)

    1. If you are ever coming to NYC I highly recommend looking at what shows are available while you are here. All the tickets are free and it really is a great experience!!
      Generally that's how our nights go as well, me reading and my hubby on the tablet which I'm really not complaining about but I love to see him enjoying a good book too!!
      Thank you for stopping by!! You and the other ladies have really put a fresh and more personal touch on H54F, I love that you guys actually read the blogs of those who participate and comment! I am really enjoying Friday posts so much more! Hope you have a great week!!