Monday, January 5, 2015

Seavey's Visit NYC & The Patriots Defeat the Jets!!

So obviously this post is a long time coming, truth be told I had all intentions of writing it a long time ago but they left on December 22nd VERY early and naturally I was up to say goodbye! Tanya and I went out to get things done and truth be told Christmas came very quickly and therefore it never got done!

Brianne text me way back in September or August maybe and asked if there was a chance that we would be able to meet them in Foxborough, Mass to see the Patriots at Gillette Stadium in December. I would have loved to have told her yes as Jason is dying to go but we had already booked tickets to the Patriots game at Metlife the week after and with Jason's work schedule attending both games just wasn't going to happen. We miss the Seavey's terribly and I was sad that it wouldn't work out, but when I told her that we already had the tickets she decided to just get tickets to the game that we were going to here! Road trip to NYC! How excited was I? We started looked at tickets and managed to get them two tickets in the section right beside us, PERFECT! The tickets were technically a Christmas present for Evan and therefore he wasn't allowed to know.

Brianne and I talked back and forth for months about them coming and all the things we would do on top of going to the game. Come Thanksgiving though Jason was anxious to get in on the excitement and insisted Brianne tell Evan.. so she did! At this point we could all talk about it and be excited and that's exactly what we did, until they got here.

The Seavey's arrived early on the morning of the 19th and I was soooo thrilled to see them. Sadly Jason had to work Friday so we went to breakfast at City Diner and then Tanya met us and we headed into the city for the day! We managed to cover a lot more ground than I had hoped, although I think it might have been a little more than Brianne and Evan had hoped for! It was a lot of walking. We went to World Trade, Wall St, Soho and back to Jersey City!!

Fountain at World Trade

Trinity Church at Wall St. - Beyond incredible inside. 

Some art at Battery Park that Tanya and I couldn't help but imitate. 

Ellis Island from Battery Park. 

Lady Liberty from Battery Park.

I want to say we were at Spring Street Natural here, but I honestly cant say for sure. We were close to Spring Street and Lafayette Street in Soho but that is all I can say for sure. 

We managed to make it back home after our drink to meet Jason and get ready to go out for dinner. Josh also went to college with Evan and Tanya and Josh joined up for dinner at Taphaus which was PACKED due to Christmas parties but we had drinks, got a table and had an awesome dinner and overall great night! 

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast before heading into the city for what was going to be a very long and cold day!!! We got into Manhattan and of course got a slice of pizza because you obviously cant come to NYC and not have a piece of pizza. We took them through Herald Square and Time Square and up towards Central Park. Let me just say that trying to tour people around the city around a holiday is a complete nightmare and makes the city even more overwhelming than usual. By the time we made it to the park we ended up stopping at PJ Carney's for a drink! It was soooo cold that day and none of us having had a Northern winter in awhile felt the need to make a stop and warm up! Leaving there we went to the park, toured around Columbus Circle, the Columbus Circle Market and made our way along the park over to 5th to start our trek down to enjoy all the amazing window displays for Christmas. Believe it or not on our way we ran into other Patriot fans who had JUST met The Patriots Owner Robert Kraft outside the Plaza hotel! We almost died.. naturally we hustled over there but he was already gone, so disappointing! 

5th Avenue was amazing as always, I had already been with Tanya but we all absolutely loved it! We made the stops at St. Patrick's Cathedral, The NYC Public Library, Bryant Park and then of course to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. It was all absolute madness but entirely amazing at the same time!!

Bri & I at PJ Carney's! 

Inside Columbus Circle Mall

 The tree at Rockefeller Center!

Incredible light show on the side of a building to which names is escaping me! We saw this last time we were here and it was incredible, I could not wait to see it again this year. If you look closely at the last picture you can see the Empire State Building, one has the Rocketttes, its all incredible! 

At this point we were absolutely FREEZING and still had a decent walk before getting to Stout NYC in midtown for dinner. Stout is one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite place to eat in the city and let me tell you it did not disappoint. We started to de-ice as we were absolutely FROZEN, drank amazing holiday beers and enjoyed fantastic food! We were all exhausted and ready to go home, we needed to get out rest for the big game the next day!

Sunday morning was game day! We were all up early and ready, we grabbed breakfast and coffee on the way to the train station as it was a 1:00pm game but we wanted to get there early to avoid a crazy packed train and because neither of the Seavey's have ever been to an NFL game before and we wanted them to get the full experience. The train ride was smooth and not busy at all and as soon as we got off the train the stadium was in full game mode, it was fantastic! 

Metlife Stadium

Guys I'm sorry, crappy iPhone pictures! 

I regret now not buying a hat like Brianne's, I absolutely need one!


The game was a nail biter! Julian Edelman wasn't playing and these loud mouth little boys behind us pushed me the point of having to turn around and school the little loud mouth on his Jets knowledge which was extremely limited. Listen, I am all about the shit talk and having a good time but if you are going to run your mouth and annoy every person sitting in an earshot at least know what the hell you are talking about. Needless to say when I turned back around he shut his mouth.. for awhile. He opened it again and the two guys in front of us decided they were going to have a go at them, it got physical with them.. I stayed out of that. Overall it was awesome, the Patriots WON and therefore the ride back on the train was a lot more pleasant! 

We came home, got in our sweats and ordered way too much Chinese food and it was an awesome way to end their visit! 

We absolutely love the Seavey's and are so sad that they have moved to Maine and we wont see them when we are at home, but visits here and there will have to do and this one was fantastic! They were up and out the door first thing on Monday morning.. and I do mean first thing, 5am! Thankfully they made great time and although you never know this time of year they didn't face any adverse weather! 

Great visit, great game, great friends... worth posting about!

I hope y'all had a great weekend, I am going to catch up this week and we will be on to regular posting in 2015.. its one of my goals, but we will get to the later!

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