Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day 2014

Good Morning!

Can I just say I cannot believe Christmas is already over? I feel like the build up was so long and drawn out, I was in the Christmas Spirit for so long as I started my Christmas shopping early and then in a day.. literally, it was over!

I did Christmas baking, Christmas shopping and a lot of enjoying of Christmas things but somehow I feel like it all ended WAY too fast! I guess its hard that Jason works Christmas Eve, a full day and then the day after Christmas.. although I wont complain because the possibility of him working Christmas Day always exists and that would be the worst!

Prior to Christmas we had discussed doing something on Christmas Eve with the McMann's, Christmas is about spending time with family and we are each others family as we travel around and see each other a lot more than we do our other family. As the weather was suppose to be terrible on Christmas eve we decided to get together at our apartment and have some snacks and play some games! To me this was the perfect idea because growing up this is what we always did, snack foods and a get together at someones house for Christmas Eve.

I ran out to the store on Christmas Eve morning to get all the stuff that I needed, it was POURING rain and I got super soaked and they didn't have eggnog.. um what? No big deal we managed to get some! I spent the day tidying around the house and cooking, Jason got home around regular time and Josh and Tanya came over!

We had WAY too much food, Stuffed mushrooms, pigs in a blanket, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, dips, cheese and crackers and so on! Way too much but oh so good!

We snacked and had drinks, played Trivial Pursuit and just laughed! We had such a great night and somehow it flew by far too fast. 

When the McMann's headed home Jason and I put all the presents under the tree before getting ready for bed. A little side note, every year we put maybe one or two gifts under the tree before Christmas Eve because Jason likes to see them all at once right before Christmas as though Santa has come! Haha it has been like this every year that we have been together and I don't hate it! Once we got all the gifts under the tree I was pretty excited!

We woke up around 8:30am Christmas morning and I got up and started the coffee.. my job since I was a child on Christmas morning! Jason always lingers and wants to sit and drink coffee while looking at the presents under the tree, I however want to get to the opening.. its usually a disagreement. We spent a lot of time opening, got absolutely WONDERFUL gifts and are so grateful! 

We kind of went a little non traditional this year as we had expected Jason to be working, and therefore we didn't plan a big breakfast which was fine because we had TONS of leftovers from the night before.. but we also didn't plan a big dinner either. 

We snacked on and off all day and laid around in our pajamas watching Christmas movies and drinking eggnog, it was the absolute best day! I can't tell you the last time we stayed at home all day in our pajamas and did absolutely nothing.. I absolutely loved it! We made a small chicken for dinner, cleaned up early and enjoyed the rest of our night! 

I worried how I would feel about Christmas 2014 knowing that we wouldn't be able to be at home and I have had some pretty severe bouts of home sickness here but it was actually fabulous. I always say home is where Jason is and that is true, our Christmas was wonderful and it didn't matter where we were to celebrate it. 

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and enjoyed every second of family, good food and generous gift giving! 

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