Friday, January 16, 2015

High Five for Friday 11.16.15

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Are you all ready for some football this weekend??? I know I am!!! We really don't have much for plans this weekend as Jason's nasty head cold has come back and sadly worse! He's been in rough shape all week and I think a little rest and TLC will do him some good. 

Anyways lets get into this weeks top five shall we???

1. Birchbox. This week my January Birchbox came and that always tops my list. Come back on Monday and see what I got for goodies this month!

2. Lindsey and the girls came out for a visit this week and it was so great to see them! If you remember they were living here when we first got here and then moved to a more kid friendly area just outside the city, we haven't actually seen them since they moved with the holidays and stuff things get busy! It was so great to visit and see them, the girls have changed so much in such a short time. Check out this little money below.. she makes my uterus hurt!

3. This was a good week on the coffee front! It was super cold last week and we really didn't do much so on Saturday we decided to meet close to home for a coffee at Cosi. We ended up getting a Honey Vanilla Kiss latte that was absolutely fantastic! We also ventured into the city this week and Tanya recommended we stop at The Coffee Bean and get their Winter Dream Latte, let me tell you it was worth all the hype! You can check out the tea used HERE

4. Tanya and I went into the city yesterday just for a change of scenery on a warmer day! We stayed in midtown and the flatiron district and spent a couple hours walking around! Its nice to have a change of scenery every once in awhile, go to different stores, walk different streets.. and the city really is so beautiful. 

The mural inside The Coffee Bean on Broadway. 

The Flatiron Building. 

5. I saved the best for last!! This week Tanya got us tickets for LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL!!!!!!! How excited am I! We will be attending the show on February 11 and I cannot wait! I haven't been to a taping of any shows any of the times we have lived here so I seriously cannot wait! 

So that is my scoop for the week, I hope you guys had a fantastic week and have a great weekend planned! Stay warm and root for the Patriots!! 

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