Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blizzard 2015

Good Morning,

Well they claimed we were in for the apocalypse and let me tell you by the look of the grocery store yesterday you would have thought we were going to get the storm Nantucket is getting. Let me just take a minute and say I have to laugh at the way people in the North deal with storms, I expect it in the south but in the north they should be use to it! I know its a lot bigger of an issue in a city of this size but good lord!

Yesterday morning knowing a mess of some sort was coming I figured it wouldn't hurt to head over to the grocery store and get a few things just in case. Tanya and I went for a little walk although the wind was pretty horrific and then headed to the grocery store. I was SHOCKED when we went in, the place was PACKED, I kid you not when I say line ups of hundreds of people. There were no meats on the shelves, no chocolate bars or gum at the registers (because that is going to save you! HA!) it was absolute madness!!

It snowed on and off yesterday afternoon and Jason emailed me and said they had closed site down for the day and all day today as well, which was pretty shocking to me. As the night went on the winds were really bad but the snow still wasn't. We were watching the news and they were estimating we were going to get 18-24 inches which is quite a bit and in a city like this could potentially cause absolute chaos! They closed all public transit which is huge here and put out a driving ban starting at 11:00pm last night for city streets and 9pm for highways. If you were caught driving you faced a $300 fine.

People were FREAKING out, not because of the snow coming but because they were being told what to do. Calm down New Yorkers, you will get where you need to go. I don't know why no one thinks, better safe than sorry!! They obviously thought it was necessary because no one would listen to an advisory and people would be stupid and drive and kill themselves or someone else. Its one night, one day why not just be safe and listen? I'm sorry but listening to everyone bitch this morning on the news about how the mayor went overboard.. stop your damn whining!

The storm obviously took a turn because we woke up to no more than we had when we went to sleep. We maybe got a total of 8" which really isn't a lot, Jason is SO UPSET! It is really windy and cold today and spitting snow on and off but I think we are officially in the clear! They have lifted the travel bands and restored use of public transit.. probably so people will stop their ridiculous bitching! They are still asking people to stay off the roads because they are not all clear.

I don't get why people can enjoy the ONE day we have had this year with snow! Enjoy the day off, sleep in, drink coffee, take your kids out to play in the snow! God forbid you can't get a Starbucks and make your way to work.. FOR ONE DAY! I'm sorry I just have no patience for the stupidity.

So we avoided snowmageddon but New England is getting POUNDED! (Thankfully the Patriots made it to Arizona safe and sound!) Brianne has been sending me pictures all morning from coastal Maine and it is just an absolute MESS! They are going to get 3 feet for sure, if not more! I hope for everyone in New England that you keep power and stay warm, don't drive.. its just not worth it! Hopefully there is a good plan in order to dig y'all out!!

Not much planned here for the day! Jason is home so we are thinking about maybe getting out for dinner if we can find anything that will be open! Jason's at the gym right now and hopefully by the time he gets back there will be some hot water. I went to go for a shower this morning and nada!! I had to go for a bath and warm the water in the kettle.. I was beyond pissed! Oh the joys of living in an apartment.. in the north!

Alright I am off to do some reading, I am falling behind on my speed reading trend and get some stuff done around the apartment! I hope you are all enjoying the day!!

If you are looking to do some reading, Tanya completed the A-Z beauty challenge today as well and you can check it out HERE.

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