Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream Review

Hi guys!!

So this post is a little late in a way because I bought this product quite awhile ago but I suppose I have used it enough now to give a well informed opinion.

Closer to the end of summer I was looking for something other than foundation to use as a base on my face because generally when I have a tan my skin is really good and I don't need anything thick with full coverage. I decided to try out a tinted BB cream as it is basically a tinted moisturizer, therefore I was getting minimal coverage in a cream and you can never have enough moisture, especially going into the winter months! Finding one was super hard as every brand makes one and you really don't know what will work for you until you try it.

I did a bunch of research and decided I would try L'Oreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in light. I decided on L'Oreal because I am really anxious about my skin and trying new things, but I use a lot of L'Oreal products including their foundations so I was sure it would be fine. This one is a little different as it came out of the tube in a white lotion full of what appeared to be silver sparkles/beads. I didn't know what to expect but when I applied it to my face it was suppose to color match itself... didn't happen. This stuff came out ORANGE and I mean seriously ORANGE! I immediately took it back to Target and got my money back because obviously this wasn't the one for me.

I did a lot more looking around and decided that I would try Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in the lightest shade (light) because of course I am fair and see where that got me.

I purchased this at Target for $7.50 which was about what I was expecting to pay, make up isn't cheap people! It is the tinted BB Cream that I wanted but also contains 2% Salicylic acid to ward of breakouts. Instantly I was impressed with the color match and consistency, it is not super thick and it blends out out really nicely! I like that a little goes a long way and I do find it to be extremely moisturizing! 

I don't really have any complaints about this product, I would highly recommend it if you are looking to try out a BB Cream and never have before. I don't know that you are going to find anything cheaper and I don't really encourage spending a lot of money on a product you have never tried before. 

I started using this BB Cream at the end of summer and I use it most days and still have quite a bit left, so I really do feel you get a good bang for your buck! I highly recommend a BB Cream if you have great skin and are looking for minimum coverage with maximum moisture, or just looking for lighter coverage and more moisture. I would definitely repurchase this brand, although I would also consider trying something else as I am always on the hunt for the absolute perfect product (most likely not possible). 

Do you use a BB cream? If so I would love to know which ones and your thoughts on it! 

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