Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kiko Milano Cosmetics

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Have you heard of Kiko Milano Cosmetics? If not I wouldn't be totally surprised as they are a European brand that I believe started in the UK and have recently been introduced to the US and we were lucky enough to have one put into the mall right across from our apartment.

The signs were up for weeks announcing that Kiko was coming for weeks and I have to tell you I was super anxious for it to open. I follow a lot of UK beauty vloggers and a few of them have talked about Kiko Milano, reviewed their products and used them in tutorials. From what I could tell they were excellent products and sold at a reasonable price.

Kiko opened here just before Christmas in quite a small store but they managed to fill that place to the brim with all of their amazing products. I went in during a opening sale and although I could have purchased a million things I stuck with just a lipstick to begin with. They carry absolutely everything from makeup, brushes, nail polishes, a full skin care line and so on. My wishlist for the store is pretty extensive.

Ignore the fuzzy picture, I just wanted you to be able to see the color because their U.S website SUCKS!

I really wanted to be able to go on their website and find the exact lipstick I bought but that isn't going to happen but I HAD to show you because it is THE PERFECT LIPSTICK! I know you are probably thinking that's a pretty hefty statement but it couldn't be more true. I have my fair share of lipstick as in the last year I got really into it, there are tons of good lipsticks that I have and like but absolutely nothing compares to this. This particular lipstick, which sadly isn't labelled on the packaging (although if you go into a store you will be able to tell because the packaging is different in every line) is number 507 and it is my perfect tinted nude color! I have pretty much been wearing this stuff every single day, its my new go to! This is regularly priced at $9.00 although since they have been opening they have been consistently running sales and I only paid $6.00 for mine which is cheaper than most drugstore brands. 

Recently Tanya and I were at the mall and they were running a 50% off sale and we popped in! Tanya purchased an AMAZING compact palette that contained 6 beautiful neutral eye shadows, a blush and bronzer, as well as the brushes for $18.00. It reminds me very much of the new Urban Decay on the go palette that contains the same combination of products, if I did not just purchase the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette I would have gotten one myself. While we were there I restrained myself and just purchased a Color Up Long Lasting Eye Shadow Chubby Stick, the packaging said "Matita Ombretto" but I'm not sure if that is the color. For me its a base color or a under the brow highlight, its a creamy color with the slightest tint of rose gold, but so slightly! I absolutely love it. 

I'm sorry for the crappy pictures!

So far I am a huge fan of the products that I have tried and am looking forward to trying their skincare line when I am have used up some of the stuff I have right now! 

If you are in the States and close to one of their locations I highly recommend checking it out, their staff is beyond friendly and helpful, their prices are extremely reasonable and their products are FANTASTIC! 

Have you tried any of their products or heard any reviews?

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