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High Five for Friday 1.9.15

Good Morning,

I am FINALLY resuming High Five for Friday although its about to look a little different as I found out this week! As you know every week when I do one of these posts I link up with people who are partaking in order to connect and so if you all want, you can visit those blogs as well. Its a nice way of spreading the word of other peoples blogs basically and a fun thing amongst us bloggers.. for the shirt version. Anyways this has taken a turn, the link up was created by Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth and apparently although I missed the post she is relinquishing the link up and the four bloggers below on the grab button are taking over, specifically Tif at Bright on a Budget who I generally link up with! So long story short nothing for you nonblogger readers will change, so you're welcome for wasting your time with this last paragraph!

1. Our Christmas tree is still up and no its not because I am lazy! I absolutely LOVE Christmas and this year I felt like it was over far too quickly and so I decided to leave the Christmas tree up until I felt ready for Christmas to be over, and whats better is Jason is completely on board. Growing up a lot of years we put the tree up a few days before Christmas and it came down a few days after, if we had it up for a week we were lucky. Jason is thinking we should take it down this weekend but I am not yet convinced, if it is the week with it up than I am just going to have to deal.. but we'll see how that goes!!

2. Jason and I have decided to turn our eating around in the new year, not that I think we eat terribly by any means (however the picture below will make you think otherwise) but we are going to work really hard at losing weight! In order to do that I felt it was really important to rid the apartment of all the not so healthy food. We obviously didn't want to waste it so this week was a mix of healthy meals and not so healthy meals. These are the not so healthy meals, I only cooked the pizza. I woke up Sunday morning and Jason had dough rising as he had decided to make fresh rolls.. I don't know why he decided that we needed to use up the flour.. but whatever! They were fantastic!

Pizza, Homemade Rolls, Turkey Pot Pie. 

3. Its been a chilly week if not downright FREEZING, therefore I try not to go out unless I have to. Staying in has meant a week of cleaning, organizing, pampering, candles, hot tea and books! Its really nice to have a week like that once in awhile, I am finding myself getting back into home sickness mode and this week although quiet has been full of really pleasant distractions and its definitely helping. 

4. For Christmas Jason bought me a new pair of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE yoga pants from Aritiza. Sadly they were the wrong size and when I went to return them at the new Aritizia on 5th they didn't have any in store so I could exchange. They gave me a gift card with the money on it so I could order them online. When I came home and went online they were $20 off, SCORE! So Jason encouraged me to get something else that I liked with the sale to spend the rest of the gift card as well as reach the $100 free shipping perk! No problem! Aritzia is one of my all time favorite stores but pricey so I was really excited and super happy with what I got along with my pants! Not to mention their packaging is just too die for! 

The box that I got a Christmas was fuchsia inside and this one was a beautiful lilac! Isn't the sweater gorgeous?

5. Thursday was National Bubble Bath day and if you know me at all you know that is TOTALLY up my alley! I obviously am not going to show you a picture of my bubble bath but I will HIGHLY recommend Philosophy Coconut Frosting bubble bath for you, I got it for Christmas and am so in love!!! There is nothing bad about a good bubble bath in my book!

Thank you for stopping in! I hope you all had a great week and have a great weekend!!! I will be back on Monday as promised with new non recap posts!! Stay Warm!!!!

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