Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January Birchbox

Good Morning!!!

Its that time of the month again folks... my beloved Birchbox has arrived and as always I was super anxious to see what it might contain. I follow Birchbox on Instagram and they generally do sneak peeks of all the things you may possibly receive in your box the upcoming month and this month I was convinced I was going to get duplicates. Honestly that would not be the worst thing because I have pretty much loved everything I have gotten but its always nice to get new stuff as well.

For some reason they are no longer leaving the Birchbox in the mailbox but delivering it with all other packages to the leasing office so when I got my notice that they had a package for me I was super anxious!

I was pleasantly surprised with what I received this month and am super excited! Care to take a gander?

I've been loving the boxes the last few months! They make for great storage later on as well.. and in this little apartment we sure need it! 

I received the Neil George Shampoo and Conditioner! They are antioxidant rich and safe for color treated hair, I don't have color treated hair but if you do than you can still use these. 

I also received the Perlier Intensive Nurturing body balm in Shea Lavender which I am really very excited for! You really cant have enough lotion in the winter, and this scent is something that I would actually purchase! 

I also got the Sumita color contrast eyeliner in Jaipur Gold. Tanya highly recommends this brand of eyeliners and I was super happy to receive this color as the other possibility was silver which I don't seeing myself using. This actually comes out a brown with specks of gold which I like just as much. I definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this. 

Finally I got a sample of Christian Siriano fragrance in Silhouette! This scent is totally me, fresh, fruity with a hint of musk, I cannot wait to try it! 

I just received these items on Tuesday so I haven't had a chance to try them just yet, but when I do I will be sure to review them here and let you know what I think of them all. I have moved all my Birchbox goods front and center in my bathroom so I can really start using them more, one because they are great and two because I am running out of room to store it all. 

So there's that, stay tuned for reviews in the following weeks! I hope you are all having a great week! I apologize that this week has been a lot of makeup stuff but its been freezing and therefore life is less exciting. 

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