Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What not to Wear?

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

This post is a little bit of a continuation from last weeks post Summer Fun...Summer Style! Ive been leaning towards posting more about fashion and clothing as fashion bloggers seem to be extremely popular! Truth be told I absolutely love fashion, but if you saw my closet you may not believe it! First of all in my defense generally where ever we are living at the time I don't have even close to all my clothes, we generally have to pick and choose what we bring as Jason and I both have a ton of clothes and we have limited space when moving!

As I previously mentioned at this point in my life I am really making the effort change up my wardrobe to make it more (as much as I hate to say it) "age appropriate"! I am a lover of yoga pants as I have said, I own NINE... no I'm not kidding you, nine Lululemon scuba hoodies! When we visit new places I often get a sweatshirt or an over sized Tshirt that I will most likely wear to bed. Its not that I don't love the way other people look in cute little shorts and a dressy top, Ive just never thought I could pull it off...until now! Im working hard at having a body image I can be happy with, so why not show that off in the clothes that I wear!

In trying new things, outfits that I would have never thought I could have pulled off, I feel so great! At this time in my life I am more focused on how something makes me feel when I put it on rather than what other people will think of me wearing it. I don't look at things anymore and think "I wish I could pull that off" I look and think, "I want to try that".

Ive been following a plethora of fashion blogs, and lets be honest everyone post pictures on Instagram of their daily outfits and I find myself wanting to feel that confidence in what I wear everyday. This feeling is only enforced by my love of TLC's What Not to Wear!! Ive always had a love for this show, I get quite a kick out of Clinton and Stacy and their antics! If you are familiar with the show you know that they really do focus on how clothes make you feel, not just how they make you look.


Lets be honest, you wake up in a bad mood, not feeling so great, bloated around that time of the month (TMI?) you want to throw on a pair of sweat pants and a Tshirt and go about your day? Am I right? I know I do! But how do you feel in sweat pants and a tshirt? I know I feel blah, I obviously don't feel like I'm going to conquer the world, hello I'm in sweat pants and tshirt!! But if you get up, try and forget your mood and glam up a little it can put a whole new spin on your day! I'm not talking red carpet, but there are many ways to dress up your day without being over the top!

There are also so many affordable ways to dress up your wardrobe! For example check out one of my favorite blogs by the designer of my blog Aubrey Kinch and her post today all about prints! Click HERE to take a look! The cute shorts that she is rocking in her fun pictures are from Old Navy, and she got them for a whopping $12.50! Steal? I think so!

Pinterest is also a GREAT way to get ideas and then make them your own, check out a few items from my Pinterest board My Style!

Note that one item can dress up a whole outfit, take it to a whole other look! For example the ensemble in the first picture of the second collage, jeans...that I might I say look mighty comfy, a casual tank and she dressed it up with a blazer and pumps! Cute, great for so many occasions!
Its important to wake up and feel confident, and by no means am I saying that what you wear defines you! But what you wear can change how you feel, BE CONFIDENT, BE HAPPY, put yourself out there in the most positive way, SHINE!
Think its time to shop a little? I DO :)
Ps- If you're looking for a great place to find the maxi dresses you've been looking for, check out... Kiki La' Rue

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