Monday, June 24, 2013

Snail Mail... a Dying Art!

Why does no one write letters anymore? Hand written cards seem to be so foreign! When did we stop taking the time to sit down and put pen to paper for those who mean something to us? Lets be honest, we stopped when it became WAY more convenient to sit down at the computer or pull up a blank note on the phone already in our hand and shoot a quick email or text message off.. we got trapped, in the modern conveniences of life!

I personally love snail mail, I love to send and receive it! I look forward to checking the mail everyday if I know something is coming!! I'm not one bit ashamed of this because I bet I'm not the only one as receiving mail isn't all that common anymore. How often do you go to the mailbox and get anything more than bills, junk or something you have ordered for yourself or someone else online?
Over the years I have tried to maintain letter communication with friends but truth be told most people don't find the time to write back, the letter writing will go back and forth possibly once or twice and then its over! I completely understand that people have busy lives and that its not always possible to take the time to sit and write a letter, therefore what starts out as something nice generally diminishes! Because this is generally the case I very much look forward to cards, letters and parcels that are unexpected!
As I have mentioned with Jason's profession we travel a lot, and often we travel with the same group of people, but on occasion we all end up on different jobs like now and therefore daily visits aren't possible. When things like this happen its not easy, I miss my friends but we have to make the best of the situation and hope the next job we reconnect! In the mean time I'm lucky to have a great friend like Tanya McMann who sends me surprise parcels like the one I received today!

Being the self proclaimed Starbucks lovers that we are, we collect these Starbucks mugs from where ever we go! So right now I am currently in Saskatchewan which is where Tanya is from and unfortunately I am in a place where there is no Starbucks (trust me, its against my will). But Tanya is in Peru.. no I'm not kidding you, you cant order these cups online.. she sent it from her current homeland! I was SUPER excited to get this cup, we get these cups all over Canada and the US, but to have one from Peru is pretty special! I am super grateful that wherever Tanya is, she sends me cards, post cards, parcels, and it means so much! You see Snail mail isn't just about getting something in the mail, its about knowing someone took the time to make you a priority and do something nice, that's rare!
In being out here and having time on my hands I have stocked up on fancy stationary and try to make an effort to send out letters and cards! I really enjoy new and creative way to decorate letters, making them fun and exciting to write and receive! I have spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest as well filling my new board Snail Mail with tons of ideas I plan to utilize in my future snail mail ventures!
I know life is busy and sometimes the days get away from you, but take the time to even jot a little note to a friend and put it in the mail, I promise it will mean a lot more than an email.
Before I take off I will tell you that my weekend was pretty great! Truthfully when I tell you why you will probably think its silly... humor me!
Saturday was low key, Jason worked and the weather was miserable so really we didn't do a lot. When Jason got home we went to the gym and came home to curl up and watch a movie! This time it was my turn to pick the movie as we don't often watch movies and the last movie we watched was Jason's pick and absolutely TERRIBLE! This week, although the power was completely in my hands I chose to watch the movie Parker, who doesn't love a good Jason Statham movie? Well it was excellent and I went to bed feeling vindicated about the fact that for once a movie I picked was a hit!
Yesterday Jason only worked until 1:00pm which is a rare occurrence, I truthfully cant remember the last time he only worked half a day! We went to the gym when he got home, came home and showered and headed out to do some running around. I know its stupid but it was great, we never get to go anywhere or do anything but the gym and grocery shopping because Jason works so much! We came home and just hung out, Jason made home made pizza for dinner, it was fabulous!

Lately I find myself being as grateful as possible for all the small things, finding good in everything I can because life is short and you should spend as much of it as you can being happy! Yesterday Jason got home early and we spent the afternoon together made dinner and it was great!

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  1. I love this!!! Don't worry my snail mail letter is almost done. I have actually started it and am almost finished. I will facebook you when I mail it off. So much to talk to you about.

    later dollface.

  2. I also love receiving snail mail...I guess since I grew up with it and had pen pals, etc. it just stayed with me. I will admit though that it's much easier to type! Once you get your permanent address in NC, please send it to me PM & I will make a HUGE effort to send you mail!

  3. Paula, Im excited for that!
    Cathy, I actually had a penpal growing up as well and again it was one of those things that after years and life changing and getting busier it just stopped! Little things in the mail every now and then is wonderful! I actually have our address but have no idea when we will be moving in! I am looking into sending out "New home" cards, having the made by someone on Etsy, I will absolutely make sure you get one! XO