Thursday, June 13, 2013

Travel Pounds Accumulated!

Be prepared.. I think I'm about to rant!

As you know we have recently been away for 10 days and when you're traveling as I well know it is really easy to pack on a few unexpected pounds. With our schedule we are usually in a rush, needing to be somewhere at a certain time and often our travel is done in our truck so we often stop quickly and grab something to eat while in the car! Not to say that we don't try really hard to make healthy choices but on occasion that isn't possible and we need to work with what we have!

After our month of consistent travel when we left Alaska I definitely put on some weight. We are use to eating super healthy and going to the gym all the time, so while in Hawaii we did a lot of laying by the beach and pool, drank our fair share of sugar filled cocktails and tried different restaurants that had entrees too tempting not to try! Then we were on the road basically for the next 15 days straight, sitting in a car for 12 hours a day doesn't leave a lot of room for exercise, so in part regardless of what you eat you aren't doing much to burn off calories!

When we landed in Saskatchewan it was really important to us to get back to our own routine of healthy eating and gym time! In the just over a month we were here before heading out again I started to feel a lot better, I was working hard towards losing weight and feeling better about myself and really getting there... until vacation rolled around again. Truthfully I'm not sure how it happened this time, I didn't think I ate too terribly and we really were on the go a lot while we were away. Sure I ate things I normally wouldn't, but its also hard being in someone else's home and still eating the way you might cook at home. Not to mention the fact that for me at least when we go home there are certain things my Mom makes that I just have to have!

So here I am again, back at home and feeling porky! I don't know why I take it so personally, why I have such a hard time with my body image. For as long as I can remember its been a bit of an issue for me, but not until adulthood did I really put a valiant effort into trying to become more comfortable with myself. Truth be told I want to be thin, I don't want to be heavy, I don't want to be ripped, I want to be thin. I look back at pictures of myself when we lived in New York and I was in the best shape of my life and I miss that! I went to the gym every morning and my trusty walking partner Tanya McMann and I walked those city streets all day everyday! I have never felt better about my body! But yet some how I let it become something I'm not happy with.

I find myself comparing myself to others, sometimes looking and wishing I was their size only to find out I am or smaller.. but I cant see that for myself. I know very well that comparing yourself to others is the worst thing you can do and that achieving my goals is on me and how hard I am willing to work. I guess sometimes its frustrating to feel like you are working so hard and not seeing the progress you wish you were.

So we are back in Saskatchewan and back at the gym and I am on a pretty strict diet with tons of fluids because struggling to get dressed every morning and finding something I feel comfortable in is not a good feeling. 

All the while feeling like this I do tell myself all the time that I need to focus more on the great feeling going to the gym gives me and not just going to lose weight. I need to eat to nourish and fuel my body, and I need to do it in the right way.. not just to lose weight. I know the right way to go about achieving my goals and I do make sure I always choose the proper healthy way to go about losing weight even though I on occasion feel like I could achieve my goals faster with a little less eating and a little more working out!

Last night when I came home from the gym I had a shower and got in bed to do a little pinning ;) and came across this... which made me feel a little silly for how much emphasis I put on how I look, reading this made me feel good and I hope it does that for you too.

The Militant Baker: The things no one will tell fat girls... SO I WILL

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  1. I've read this article before and loved it. Everything she says is true and for someone who is plus size it truly made me feel good about myself. I think every woman (and man for that matter) out there hates the way they look in some way or another. I think the important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and that you're doing it the healthy way. I think your beautiful just the way you are but you yourself need to feel like your outside and inside match. Don't stress to much about it, and try not to take things to much to heart. It will only stress you out more and that's not good when you're trying to get healthy.

  2. Thanks lady! It's always nice to hear encouraging words!!

  3. The link you provided was HILARIOUS! I laughed out loud several times! Thanks for making me smile today :)