Thursday, June 27, 2013

Luck be a Lady Tonight.. Well actually Last night!

Well I'm pretty sore from the gym today, but let me tell you I am not at all sad we went last night.

Jason hasn't been having the greatest week with the Bruins losing, the Aaron Hernandez situation (its not looking to be a good season for the Patriots), stuff at work, etc! But turns out last night might just have been his lucky night!

I haven't blogged a ton in regards to our apartment at this point, and truthfully I get all worked up and therefore I would just rather not. But I will say that the parking situation has always been pretty tight and having a full size truck helps nothing, we had been pretty lucky that one of the spots next to us was reserved for maintenance and never used, until we got back from vacation and maintenance wasn't using his assigned apartment parking spot anymore, he was using the maintenance spot.. no big deal, just a little bit of a tighter squeeze! Since we've been home that truck has not moved at all, until yesterday!

Jason got home from work late and had a quick dinner, and laid on the couch second guessing our plan to head to the gym! In the end we went because we take Thursday nights off to run errands because it seems that everything in town is open later only on Thursday! As we headed out the door to the truck we noticed the blue truck that parks beside us was gone!

We headed to the gym and for some reason this week every night it has been absolutely packed in there! We had a quick workout and were home about an hour later... well when we pulled into the parking lot it was blocked off by a ton of cop cars and fire trucks.. Jason started having a small stroke thinking the apartment was on fire and with all personal information in the apartment, not to mention cash Jason had got that day to pay rent he was freaking out a little.

Well it wasn't our apartment.. check this out... (WARNING: the picture quality isn't overly fabulous)...

That's the blue truck we park beside! With the tight parking our truck is usually about a foot, if that away from that truck! I guess in the time that we were gone to the gym the gentlemen who owns that truck came back and the truck somehow caught on fire! I don't know if something exploded or it burned for awhile but in that short amount of time the damage seemed to be pretty extensive! 

Thankfully no one was hurt and thankfully our truck was not there because I have a feeling the damage would have also been pretty extensive and really that is the last thing we need to be dealing with!! I guess luck was on our side last night! 

I was meaning to post this much earlier but I have been having problems with my blog for the last two days, thankfully the lovely Paula Vaughan fixed everything with the suggestion of Google Chrome! 

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!

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