Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thunder... Lightening...the way you love me is frightening!

Oh sing it.. you know you want to!! I FINALLY got my thunderstorm! I knew it was coming, via feverish warnings from Mrs. McMann who yes is currently residing in Peru! I checked the weather network and I was so excited! Living in Alaska for so long, where they just don't get thunder or lightening, I couldn't wait for a good storm! Well Ive been waiting a long time because truth be told since being back from the good ol' 49th state Ive heard thunder once and nothing like the show that was put on this morning! I know you probably think its crazy but there is something about a thunder storm that makes me smile, summer thunderstorms call for from porch sitting and watching if possible.. but I will settle curling up by a window with a tea! I just love a good storm! The louder the better!

In sticking with the good things that have happened in the last two days I am very excited to share with you some pictures we received from our builder yesterday! We now have a foundation!!!! YAY!

Truth be told we've had a few hiccups to say the least with our builder and unfortunately some of those have to do with contending with the fact that we are in another country while the build is taking place, and then some of those hiccups are directly related to someone not doing their job... which yesterday I felt the need to rectify!

I live my life in thinking that I would never expect anything of anyone that I would not be willing to do myself, and I believe when you give someone your word you need to follow through, especially in a professional capacity. We chose not to start the building process of this house prior to moving to Alaska knowing that it wouldn't be a hop, skip and a jump to get back for the things we would need to be there for. The terms and conditions of this job are a little different and although its still not overly convenient to travel back and forth it is much more manageable.

In signing papers and what not we explained our unique situation and were promised the sun, moon and stars to keep us as updated as possible, in the loop and made to feel as much a part of the process as possible. Its not the most ideal situation to be in, so far away while this amazing process is going on but we felt confident with our travel plans and promises of emails and pictures that we would be able to work with everything.

Well truth be told until yesterday we weren't receiving the communication we had been promised at all and to say we were getting frustrated is a little bit of an understatement! Long story short I sent a few emails yesterday and we absolutely saw results... that included pictures! Here they are!!

I know its just a cement frame that looks like nothing right now but I cant tell you the amount of joy it brought me to see these pictures, to see our dream coming together! Its really hard to look so forward to something and not to be able to be apart of it in the way you want to, so receiving pictures really meant a lot.

We were a little confused yesterday as to weather or not we were on track in regards to the building process and schedule we were provided yesterday but Jason spoke with Tony our contractor and he assured us that when we arrive in July we will be on time for the predrywall inspection! Being an engineer it is really important for Jason to be there for these inspections and be able to check things out on his own. Jason is however a mechanical engineer and electrical isn't necessarily is forte and therefore we would like to hire a professional to do the walk with Jason and make sure everything is in order and done correctly before they put the drywall up!

Its almost hard to wrap my head around the fact that the house will be done at the end of August! I'm having a really hard time with the fact that Jason will probably have to be out here in Saskatchewan until at least October and I will be in North Carolina in our new home alone. Hazard of the job I suppose but sometimes when it comes to things like this its a little harder to accept!

But for now we are focusing on this exciting thing happening in our life and I am so happy to be able to share it with all of you!

I'm pretty excited, tonight is date night which NEVER happens! Jason works so much that our major outings are generally the grocery store and the gym so tonight will definitely be a nice treat!

I hope everyone had a fabulous day!

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  1. I love a good t-storm too! Russell & I love to go out in the garage, grab a seat & watch. When he was little, I'd sometimes wake him up to come out and watch with me. I guess that's why he's never been afraid as some children are.
    The house looks great - meant to they do basements in NC? I know in Florida they don't. Something to do with the sand or something. Glad everything looks to be on schedule. How are the repairs in the apt coming?

  2. Sorry - forgot to put my name. It's Cathy!!

  3. Aww Cathy I love that story!
    Basements arent standard practice in NC, not really sure why! We will have an entire crawlspace though.
    Thanks for stopping in as always, it really means the world to me that you make the time to read and comment!
    I will send you a message about the apartment!