Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer fun... Summer Style!

It is officially the first day of summer, how excited are you?!? I'm not going to lie I look so forward to summer every year, for someone who is always cold summer is the perfect time of year!

Summer to me is summer dresses, camp fires, bright and sunny fun! There is something about summer that bring out the fun in people! Summer is the time that everyone gets together for barbecues, drinks by the fire, plan vacations... there is nothing not exciting about all of that!

Jason is a little nervous about spending some of our summer in North Carolina as it is quite hot down there during the summer months. Truth be told I checked the weather network earlier this week and they were calling for it to be 126 degrees Fahrenheit which is 52 degrees Celsius, I'm not even sure what that feels like! So when you don't want to focus on the heat, what is the best thing to focus on?


I love clothes, what girl doesn't? But as I (dare I say it) get older I have come to the conclusion that I really need to make some changes to my wardrobe! I am a lover of yoga pants, I could seriously live in my yoga pants! I know that is so taboo to a fashionista but as much as I have always loved fashion I'm also a pretty big fan of comfort!

Growing up I was never happy with my size, so my clothing was more of a way to hide my body not draw attention to it. As I got older and worked hard to lose weight I made some changed but not enough to be age appropriate probably. So in the last 6 months in making some life changes one of the things I have been focusing on is my wardrobe! YAY FOR SHOPPING! Obviously this is not a good thing for Jason.. haha!

I have made quite a few changes in regards to what enters my closet but my latest focus has been shoes! Anyone who follows me on Pinterest has probably recently taken note as to where my pinning focus has been... shoes! In high school I had knee surgery, and did years of physiotherapy to get back to normal, during this time wearing heels just didn't seem possible. Overall I was never the girl to have a closet full of shoes, it just wasn't my interest.. until recently!

I'm in love with wedges, I recently purchased my first pair of nude heels that I am absolutely in love with and via the other blogs I follow I cant wait for our July trip back to North Carolina so I can check out the variety of cute shows at Target!

If you have some spare time, check out my Pinterest boards, My Style and Shoe Love!

Tell me what your favorite summer style is!

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