Wednesday, June 12, 2013

~PiNNeR PaSSiOn ~

Have I ever told ya'll how much I absolutely LOVE Pinterest? How I regret my initial resistance when everyone else expressed their love for this brand new website that left everything you could imagine at your finger tips!

When Pinterest first transpired I heard bits of information about the website and its endless possibilities, my mom would tell me on a regular basis how I need to get a Pinterest account and would fill my emails with fabulous ideas, recipes and clothes she found on Pinterest. I don't know why I resisted, I think at the time we were living in Alaska and I was working all the time and had very little spare time to spend touring websites. Well one boring day at work I gave in and my life has never been the same!

I started my Pinterest ventures without an actual account, I would just peruse and write little notes about the things I found and recipes, occasionally sending myself emails with things that I found that I felt may pertain to my life one day, a recipe I may try, etc. Eventually I broke down, got an account and started my own boards. I believe we all start with the basic boards, My Styles, For the Home, Recipes, etc. We might dress up the names a little, give them our own personal flare but everyone has those basic boards!

As my pinning world has expanded I now have 26 boards filled with fun, exciting and wonderful ideas! I feel like my Pinterest allows you to get to know the real me! Visiting my Pinterest and perusing around will allow anyone to know my interests, hobbies, creative ventures, clothing style, eating habits, fitness goals and so much more! I find myself finding a pin that interests me, clicking on the board, then clicking on the pinner and realizing this person and I could absolutely be friends in real life! Ridiculous? Maybe so!

Having now had my Pinterest account for quite some time I have noticed it evolving and becoming much more user friendly. In the last few months you can now send pins which is a fabulous idea! How often do you see something and pin it just because you wan to tell someone else about it, or you want them to see it on their feed because you know they follow you! Well now you can just send it to them instead... GENIUS! Now the best new feature of all, Pinterest now sends you a friendly little "Psst, you've already pinned this..." and it tells you to which board you have pinned it too.. AMAZING! How often do you revisit your own boards and realize you've pinned the same thing 4 times, and then wonder why if you thought it was great enough to pin four times why you haven't done the craft or tried the recipe! Sound familiar?

I will admit my Pinning love has only intensified since obtaining my lovely iPhone.. how did I ever live without that phone? or pinterest in my hand where ever I go for that matter? To be perfectly honest (I'm putting myself out here guys, don't judge) I'm really not a patient person, at all. I hate waiting, I hate waiting even more when I feel like its unwarranted! But waiting doesn't seem as infuriating when I can just sit and pin away while doing it!

I try to make a point to go through my boards every once in awhile and erase duplicate pins (funny how that can still happen sometimes, even with a warning), and I delete pins that I look at and wonder why I pinned it in the first place. Somehow I feel if my Pinterest boards are clean and organized my life somehow is too!

Recently I have added two new boards I am pretty excited about,"Drink Up!" which you can view HERE, it is full of all kinds of wonderful summer cocktails! As well as "Snail Mail" which has been great for finding wonderful ideas to make snail mail communication a lot more fun and creative! Take a look HERE!

All in all I think Pinterest is a fabulous creative outlet, an amazing way to share fabulous ideas and put fabulous ideas to good use! If you don't have an account I highly recommend you get one, find those amazing ideas for outdoor fun with your kiddos, great recipes for the family, home decor fads, and clothing to fill your closet! If you get a minute check out my Pinterest boards right HERE!

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  1. This is hilarious because I was going to do a similar post. LOL.

  2. Haha, sorry! I have a feeling my next post might be something you were thinking about too..haha!