Monday, June 17, 2013

Paint Pickers, Our new Profession!!

Happy Monday!! Did everyone have a fabulous weekend??

Our weekend here wasn't all that exciting to be honest, Jason worked all weekend and in our spare time we were either at the gym or picking paint colors! At this point although my arms are killing me, I think choosing paint colors might have been a little more painful, at least at the time!

As you all know Jason and I are building a beautiful home in Raleigh, North Carolina and while the build is in progress it is up to us to make decision in regards to what we want the inside to look like when its done. We have already picked our flooring, cupboards, granite, tile and all of that other fun stuff! Although that was stressful and all done and one day it seems as though paint choices aren't coming very easily.

Jason and I are completely different when it comes to our idea of decorating, however we are doing a WAY better job than I ever expected at making compromises and truth be told I find us agreeing on more things than we are disagreeing on.. can you imagine? You see the thing is Jason would just as soon paint the whole house beige, have white carpet and maybe I green couch.. I am however the complete opposite! I really do love earth tones and the option to dress it up with throw pillows, pictures, etc... BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE color!!!

We really had a good idea about color options for each room we are considering painting upon move in, but who knew that picking a color didn't actually mean you were good to go! Do you know how many shades there are of each color? Not to mention once you pick a color you have to consider accents, and what color furniture, etc... its quite stressful, especially when you cant see it all laid out in front of you!

Through our builder they will paint the house one color, we chose "soft tan" because we figured it was a good neutral color, especially for the rooms we don't plan on painting right away! We would like to leave the main living area mostly a nice light neutral, with a darker accent wall and decorative accents throughout. Our main living space is very open, in essence the living room, dining room and kitchen are all one room.

So here are the color choices we are thinking for right now...

We have been picking up paint swatches for awhile now in the colors we like just to have around and take a peek at every now and then, but this weekend we decided to really sit down and go through them, narrowing out at least the ones we didn't like. As you can see by the end we were almost dizzy but this is our basic thoughts.

Main living Space - Brown accent walls to go with the soft tan.
Loft space color pop wall - Copper
Bedroom - Grey (with yellow accents)
Downstairs Powder room - Grayish blue (wedge wood)

Jason would like to consider green for the living space accent walls, I would not! Haha! I feel like it would be easier to decorate if green wasn't a primary color in the space.

We actually made a lot of head way this weekend and I feel really good about it. Sometimes this house seems to surreal, nonexistent at the moment because we are so far away and the progress is just in the beginning phases, but when we sit down and think about paint colors and talk about couches and stuff, its completely real, its our future, a major milestone in our lives and I cant wait to enjoy every minute of it together!

That's my happy thought for Monday, our life, our future, our soon to be new home!!

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