Friday, June 14, 2013

Times to be Thankful

I had an idea of what I was going to post about today, but sometimes things happen that change your path. I had to get up early this morning and take Jason to work so I could use the truck to head to a doctors appointment later on this morning. I came home with a lovely Tim Hortons coffee with the intention to curl up and read my new favorite blog!

In connecting with other blogs, utilizing the wonderful site Bloglovin' and via other social media sites such as Instagram its funny the blogs you can stumble across and the people that touch you without knowing them at all. In all my reading I have recently become overwhelmingly touched by this blog, Notes from Nessa! Janessa Parker has been dealing with an extremely trying time as her infant daughter Penelope has recently undergone heart surgery. I started following her story from simply seeing a picture of her BEAUTIFUL baby girl, and find myself wondering daily how their days are playing out and praying for good things for them. I don't know these people, Ive never met them in real life, I'm not a mother and cant begin to imagine what they are going through... but in reading this blog everyday Janessa and her story reminds me to be thankful.

In reading Notes from Nessa I cant help but be amazed by her strength everyday, she manages to stay positive, courageous and always smiling. I'm sure there are hard moments that aren't documented, but shes taking the positive from a hard situation and letting that guide the way!

I feel thankful everyday for all I have, for my life, all of our many blessing but sometimes its easy to get caught up in the small things and let them take away from all the positive... reading Notes from Nessa has reminded me that being thankful is one thing but showing it is another.

In my life I am so incredibly blessed, I have an amazing family, a wonderful husband, great friends, a new home being built, health, and happiness. I believe life is what you make it, and its not to say that I don't have bad days or sometimes focus on the negative but overall I am one lucky girl!

So today instead of blogging about books, products I love, things going on in my day to day life I choose to tell you about someone I am most grateful for, someone who gives me something to be thankful for everyday... my hubby! Jason and I have been married for two and a half years, and in that time I have learned and grown from all the wonderful experiences we have shared. Our life together isn't like most married couples, we don't have what one would consider a "normal" life! Due to Jason's job we travel quite a bit, moving job to job every 6 months to a year! We have lived in Toronto, Saskatchewan, New York, North Carolina, Alaska, to name a few! We often live in places no where close to family and only have each other, our most common means of travel to all these new places is our truck which leaves us together in a confined space for 12 plus hours!

I miss Jason when he goes to work, all day.. silly I know! When Jason goes away for the weekend with my Dad and brother, I cant wait for him to get home...when I have to sleep alone (which isn't often) I cant, just knowing hes not there. I make Jason's breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday because it makes me happy, he works long hard days and knowing that hes eating well makes my heart smile. The sight of Jason's smile still gives me butterflies every single time. Jason sleeps in the middle of our bed every night and although I complain I secretly like that hes so close. When I'm curled up with a good book in my own little world that's when Jason likes to have a good ol' chat, as much as I glare I secretly smile inside because any chat with him is a good one (most of the time ;) ).

Marriage isn't always easy, what relationship is? Relationships take work, from both parties! It takes effort and thought everyday, all day! Jason and I have been together a long time and although for the most part I can finish his sentences and am convinced I know what hes thinking before he does, I still learn new things about him all the time, and for that I'm grateful!

Choosing to spend my life with Jason was the easiest decision Ive ever made, although I miss my family when we're away I know if I had to be away from him I would miss him more! Our life together is adventurous, exciting, trying at times and getting to experience it all with him is a blessing bigger than words!

I love Jason so much my heart wants to burst, I am so grateful for him everyday and in the spirit of showing what I'm thankful for, here is a few pictures from our special day!

Today tell someone just how much you love them and why, be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life, and smile although something may not be going your way... because everyone has at least one thing to be thankful for and that's worth smiling about!

Tell me what you're grateful for!

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  1. After reading this blog entry and talking to you yesterday about your friends (who I've never met) I couldn't agree more! We do have so much to be thankful for. Thank YOU for helping me realize it!

  2. This blog made me cry (but happy tears)! It's so nice that you two are still so much in love and have a great life together. I'm too afraid to read any blogs other than yours - I'd never get anything done! I try to be thankful for good health and a wonderful family. I miss my Dad most every day, but have a great relationship with my Mom, hubby and son. It's inspiring to read your stories and I sometimes think of you when I'm having a bad day - by trying to put a positive spin on it.
    Keep the blogs coming!

  3. Thanks guys, that means a lot to me.. Im thankful that you guys take the time our of your busy days to stop in and read my thoughts, that really means the world to me!